10 Rules You Must Observe When You Wear Leggings

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Leggings are very comfortable and as a plus they are very fashionable lately. You can wear them at home, or when you are doing your daily jogging in the park. You can even wear them at work (or school) with a pullover, tunic, or even a vest. However, sometimes we see women wearing leggings that are just not right for their figure. I am sure you have seen such ladies after whom you wanted to run and say “do not wear leggings like that”. There are certain rules you must obey when you wear leggings. And here they are.

1. No matter how sexy and tight your booty is do not wear leggings with a short top. Honestly, you will look like you are naked and you will look like you were in such a hurry that you left your house wearing your pajamas.

2. Be careful how you match the patterns of the leggings with the patterns of the top you are wearing. If the leggings are of one color, you can match them with a pied top with different patterns, or, of course, the other way round.

3. You wouldn’t match an oversized top with a flared skirt, would you? The same rule goes for leggings. Do not ever match them with something close-fitting. Instead wear them with something loose.

4. If you are not completely sure that your top won’t cover your booty all the time, for example when you lift your arms, make sure that your leggings do not show through. It is not chic all of the random people you meet to be able to see your underwear even if it is sexy.

5. Make sure you do not have a hole in your leggings before you put them on. The fabric they are made of is very thin, so it is very easy to tear easily.

6. Leggings should be washed much more often than jeans because of their fabric that gets dirty very fast.

7. Remember that leggings are not pants. And do not forget it ever!

8. Always prefer to wear thick leggings. This way you will be able to wear them much longer and they will look good on you, much better than the gauzy ones.

9. Do not ever, and I mean it EVER, wear leggings to a job interview. These two words are not compatible at all.

10. The golden rule: do not ever wear white or beige leggings. And if you wonder why, I will let you figure this one by yourselves.

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