Great Places to Visit in October

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There are a lot of people who decide that they do not want to go on vacation during the summer. This is simply because it is the season of vacations and millions of people all over the world head to these popular spots.

As a result some of the best holiday destinations in the world turn into a terrible place to be at during the summer. The crowds of people, the heat, and the prices that shoot up can be a really huge obstacle.

That is why a lot of people decide to go on holidays in the fall instead. If you are one of these people and are looking for a vacation in October, then you may be in need of some help to decide where to go. Here are some great places to visit in October that may inspired you to go there.

#1 Seville, Spain

If you do not like the hot weather in general, and Spain is definitely a country that you would like to visit in the summer, then you will probably like it better in the fall. Seville is a great destination to visit in Spain in the fall, and October in general. This is because then it is not too warm and there are certainly a lot less people than in the summer, including September.

If you go there this month, you will get the opportunity to get some fresh air and to enjoy the magnificent city without the usual crowds of people. You will have the opportunity to see the real face of the place, to visit its museums and galleries, to enjoy the warm weather and the romantic atmosphere.

#2 The Lake District, UK

If you are a person who likes nature and a week away from the chaos of the city life seems like a paradise to you, then you will really like The Lake District in the UK. October is a cool month and quite a rainy one, especially in the UK, but this is where its magic comes from in a way.

The mix of colors, green, yellow, red, and orange, turns the scenery into a really colorful and romantic place. The cool weather will make one want to wrap up warm, drink traditional hot British tea, and have long walks around the lake. This is a really magical place where people go to relax and forget about their problems.

#3 The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are turning to be one of the hottest exotic destinations in the world. Of course, not everyone can afford to see the islands, but if you have always wanted to see them and you are planning a vacation to them, October is a good time to do it. This is because the weather is good then. It is not the rain season.

And the other reason to do it this month is because the flora and the fauna are at their maximum. There are more animals and plants to see from June to October, than during the other months of the year. And last, but not least, the weather will be warm enough for you to take a swim in the crystal clear waters.

#4 New England, USA

Even though New England is not the most popular destination in the USA, one should definitely consider it as a place worth visiting in October. Believe it or not, the weather is good then and it is not that rainy. So, one can take a long walks along the sea coast and watch the foliage. You can really make the most of it if you go sightseeing, or just take your time to enjoy the nature and simply relax.

#5 Cyprus

If you want to go to the beach in October, but you want to visit Europe as well, then there is a way to do it. One may think that the October weather in Europe is not suitable for going to the beach, and they will be right, but there is one place that is an exception – Cyprus.

It offers its visitors Mediterranean culture and African weather. If you choose this place for your October destination, you will have the opportunity not only to enjoy its great weather and amazing beaches, but also its incredibly rich culture.

There are a lot of churches and monasteries worth visiting and also many ancient ruins, like the Archaeological park Kato Paphos and the House of Dionysus. And if you get tired of all the sightseeing, you could simply take a break at Cape Greco View Point where you will have an amazing view of the see.

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