Easy Ways to Make Your Ordinary Outfit More Stylish

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There are a lot of women who want to dress nicely and know how to do it but just do not have the amount of money needed to buy designer fashion items. The good news is that sometimes the whole look of an outfit could be changed if some accessory is added or if the color combination is changed.

To show you that it is actually not that difficult to create great fashion outfits without having thousands of clothes, we decided to give you some tips about turning some simple outfit into a more stylish one. Check them out!

#1 Black pants with white shirt and dark bag

The first of our tips about making an outfit more stylish is adding an accessory that is both complementary and creates a contrast to stand out. For example, if you are wearing black pants make sure you do not match them with black shirt. There should be always some kind of contrast between the colors.

There are a lot of women who decide to dress in black from head to toes, but this is not a great stylish idea. You could wear a white shirt, or some other kind of color with these pants. Another thing that you also need to have in mind are the accessories and you need to consider your choice of a bag well.

It could, for example, be a cross-body one. You could wear a dark one with this outfit, but just make sure it is not black because it will get lost in the black color of the pants. You could wear some brown, grey, or green bag again in a dark hue.

#2 Add a hat for a totally new look

The next tip that we are going to give you is to wear with your outfit a hat. This is a kind of accessory that can make an outfit look much different than without it. If you want to look more elegant and sophisticated, you can add to your outfit a fedora hat.

This kind of hats are perfect for the autumn and it is a great time to wear them now. You could wear fedora hats with all kind of outfits: with skirts, with jeans, even with suits. They are perfect with jeans and shirts.

And if you do not want to be too elegant, you could wear a baseball hat instead. If you choose a leather one, you will make your outfit look more expensive and put well together. It will be casual but yet cool and stylish. And the great thing with both these hats is that they can hide your hair when it is greasy, for example.

#3 High Waist with some Belt

The next outfit idea is perfect for those of you who wear high waist pants and skirts. High waist clothes are great because they can make you look slimmer and very stylish. With high waist clothes, you need to tuck your shirt in to make the outfit more polished.

And even if the jeans that you are wearing on that day are not the typical high-waist ones, you could also tuck your shirt in them to create this more interesting effect.

Another thing that you could do in this case is to add a belt to the outfit. You could choose some small one in a color that is a matching one to the color of the shoes or to the color of the bag.

#4 Balance your outfit

The next tip is very important and goes for all kinds of outfits. It is very important to have a balanced outfit if you have decided to wear something loose, like a loose top.

In this case you need to make sure you wear thigh and skinny jeans to balance the looseness of the top. Or you could do it the other way round. You could wear baggy pants with some fitted top.

Another part of one’s outfit that this rule refers to is the jewelry. Jewelries are a great way to complement your outfit, but you should not go over the top with them. They again need to be balanced.

If, for example, you are wearing some big earrings, make sure you do not match them with big necklace. It should rather be a smaller one. And if you are wearing a big statement necklace, you could match it with some small stud earrings.

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