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6 Spring Bag Trends for 2018

People who love fashion usually have a specific item they are obsessed with. Some are crazy about jewelry, others are crazy about accessories or shoes.

Today we are going to be crazy about bags and all of you who cannot imagine wearing only one type of bag all year round will be glad to learn all about the new trends which have taken over the bag fashion world this season.

Here are some of the most interesting and fashionable bag trends for the current season you can try out!

#1 Fringe

Usually fringe type of bags are associated with bohemian style and events such as Coachella where this style is preferred by a lot of people attending the event. Since spring has already come, people have also started getting ready for spring festivals.

It is also no surprise that some of the fashion designers have been inspired by these events and have included in their collections such kind of items, like fringes. One of the current fashion trends this year is bags with fringes.

You can wear small handbags with short fringes, or some larger shoulder bags with longer fringes. When it comes to the colors of the bags, you can try with white, green, or brown.

#2 White bags

Every season not only designs are the only thing to watch out for when it comes to trends. There are also color trends which are popular among the people. This season one of the bag colors which is a top one is white.

Spring is the season which gives black some rest and focuses on other colors. White is the exact opposite of black and it is perfect for the spring season. The good thing about such color is that one can easily match it with a lot of other colors.

And if you try wearing a white bag which has a trendy design, then you could have easily chosen the best type of bag for you for the season.

#3 Cartoon bags

In the past spring and summer seasons cartoon bags were very popular with a lot of ladies. And if you like them, you would be really happy to hear that they have not gone for good. In fact, this season you can get your own cartoon bag, especially if you have missed doing that in the past.

They are a lot of fun and surely are a conversation starter. So if you want to attract some nice and positive attention, well you could try with this type of bags this season.

#4 Transparent bags

Transparent bags were popular in the 1990s. After that they have appeared here and there for a while, but never really made their huge comeback after they became so much popular a couple of decades ago. Well, this season they are going to be a part of the spring bag trends.

There are different transparent bag designs, which means that if you are not comfortable with people seeing what is inside your bag since it is a transparent one, you can try some of the other transparent bag designs that do not reveal that much of the items included in it.

#5 Floral 3D bags

Of course, there could not be a spring season trend without a hint of flowers since they are one of the symbolic representations of spring because a lot of flowers bloom at that time of the year. One of the bag trends this spring season which includes flowers is actually one with 3D effect.

You can choose some bags which have 3D floral applications on them. They could be several small ones, or one big one in the same color as the bag. The choice of the design is up to you.

#6 Belt bags

And if you are still not completely satisfied with the types of bags which are going to be in fashion this season, then you may want something really bold and different. The next trend in our list is probably just for you – belt bags.

If you are tired on wearing bags on your shoulder, but you still need a small bag where you can keep your everyday items, then the belt type of bag is the one to try. Belt bags are very small and are designed to be worn on one’s belt.

They are one of the top sensations this fashion season. They are very cute and some of them are even made to match the particular type of belt they will be worn with. Trying this bag trend will definitely help you be trendy and keep up with the fashion trends this season.

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