3 Summer Fashion Trends You Should Wear This Year and 3 Trends You Should Avoid

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Every season has something in its sleeve when it comes to fashion, but this does not necessarily mean that everything it offers us is good enough to wear. Other times there are trends you may love, but there are just not the ones for you. Fashion is changing so fast, that people have to either find enough money to buy all these new fashion trends, or to try to cover their old clothes with new accessories. One of the best things about so many trends is that you can choose to wear some of them and to avoid others. Here are this year’s fashion trends that you should buy, and the ones you should skip.

Fashion trends you should WEAR


We start, of course, with the more pleasant part, and this is the trends you should wear this season. The first on our list is the denim. It is always in fashion no matter what season it is. In the colder seasons, jeans are the perfect denim choice, but in the summer it is time for experimentation, so forget about the jeans this time and try with some of our other suggestions. This season you can try denim jumpsuits, skirts, or dresses. Of course, this does not mean that you will be wearing only denim. You can match them with some white shirt, or leather handbag, or some sexy high heels, or sandals. And speaking of shoes…

Lace up sandals

The next fashion trend you should definitely try this year are the lace up sandals. If you are one of those people that miss the winter because of the boots, then these ones are for you. They will keep your feel cool and at the same time the laces will cover your calves, and you won’t have to worry that they are too big and you cannot cover them in the summer. And now you can wear some shorts or a mini skirt, to show your beautiful sandals off.


You have no excuse not to wear gingham, because if there is one fabric that suits everyone, this is it. There are so many different prints that you can choose whatever you like. And the best part, of course, is that there are different gingham outfits that you can wear, like skirts, dresses, shirts, even overalls if you are bolder. For those of you who are not willing to be in the spotlights, we have prepared another suggestion, why do not you try some gingham accessories, like bracelets, necklaces, or bags? You will look great with a fashion twist.


Fashion trends you should AVOID



Now for the trends that you should avoid, we start with fringes. If you are a fan of the fringe, you would probably like to avoid it, at least this summer season. And you do not have to be in everybody’s faces with it. Do not put on dresses, skirts or jackets that are entirely made of fringes because it would just be too much. And, of course, wait for the cold season to wear them. In the summer, try with something lighter.


Why do you want to wear something so heavy in the hottest season of all? In this season you should wear lighter fabrics, that not only won’t make you feel extremely hot, but will also look more suitable, playful, fun and just right. You should avoid it even if you want to wear it with your accessories, you should still skip it. If you love it, then, as with the fringe, leave it for the winter, when at least it will not look so odd.

Dresses with belts

Some women love wearing belts, and other even if they love it, they cannot do it, because belts just do not look good for them and make their booties look even bigger. So, this ever, if you are not comfortable with wearing belts, then do not do it, and stick to the loose summer dresses, that will protect your body from the heat and will keep it cool, but these dresses are also able to hide your flaws, if you have any. It is not necessary to put a belt around your waist, so that it will make you look like you have just got out of the bathroom, wearing your bathrobe. Just remember to feel comfortable.

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