3 Weight Loss Water Recipes

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There are a lot of people who want to lose weight. And this is surely not an easy task, especially if one is not used to doing sports and having a smaller amount of calories than usual. Some people starve themselves for days and ones they finish their weight loss diet they go back to their normal habit of eating and gain even more weight than the one they have lost.

Losing weight should not be some kind of nightmare. People should first think about their health and then their beauty. One should have more vegetable and fresh food and forget about fried and greasy food, especially fast food.

If you still find it difficult, then you can start with adding a special drink which will help you lose some weight and keep it healthy at the same time. And these special drink recipes contain one main ingredients – water. Here are the different water recipes which will help you lose some weight!

#1 Cucumber water with mint and lemon juice

The first of the different water recipes you can try on their own in order to lose weight. What you will need for this recipe is a jug of water, a lemon, a handful of mint leaves, and a half of cucumber.

Get an empty jug. Wash the cucumber and cut it into round pieces. Then put the pieces in the jug. Squeeze the lemon juice and add it into the empty jug. Add the mint leaves into the jug and fill in the rest of it with water. Carefully mix the ingredients in the jug and let the drink stay like that for some time.

Usually this time should be between 1 hour and 3 hours – the more you let the ingredients stay in the water, the more it will absorb their vitamins and minerals. This way the drink will become even more beneficial one.

Then you can drink as much as you want from it. The mixture contains a lot of vitamins. It will not only help you boost your metabolism and will also refresh you. There is also a chance that you stop drinking coffee since you will receive freshness and you will satisfy your natural thirst.

#2 Summer water – Watermelon, strawberries, and kiwi

The next water recipe which can both make you feel refreshed and energized and will help you lose weight is a typical summer one because it contains a number summer fruits, like strawberries and watermelon. Of course, nowadays people can find such fruits even during the other seasons even if they will not be so fresh and delicious as the seasonal ones.

What you will need to prepare this water is again an empty jug, a slice of watermelon (a cup of watermelon with the rind), a kiwi fruit, and a cup of strawberries. Make sure you wash the fruits well and remove the leafy parts. If you want you can peel the kiwi fruit, but it is better to leave the peel since it contains some healthy ingredients.

Then you need to cut the fruits into pieces which can be about a bite or two big and put them in the jug. Fill in the rest of the jug with water and stir carefully the whole mixture. Let it stay like that for at least an hour before you start drinking it.

It is best to drink the whole amount of the jug in a day and the next day to prepare yourself another one. This way the drink will do its magic and will help you lose some weight. And if you get tired of drinking the same water drinks, then you can mix it up by having some of the other two drinks during the next days.

#3 Berries and basil water

The other recipe you can try if you want to mix it up and try some new refreshing one is to prepare some water with basil and berries. You can opt for any berries you can think of, there are different berries mix which are sold in a lot of stores.

You will need about a cup or so of them and a handful of basil leaves. Put them in an empty jug and add water into it. Let the mixture stay like that for a couple of hours and then you can have it.

This water mixture can last up to three days in the fridge, but it is actually best not to wait so much to drink it. If you cannot drink it all the first day, which is recommended, you can drink if the next one. The mixture will be even tastier because the water will have absorbed a lot of the healthy ingredients from the berries and the basil leaves.

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