4 Casual Outfit Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday which celebrates love. Even though nowadays people consider it only a holiday which is celebrated by couples, it does not mean that if a person is single cannot enjoy the day. There are a lot of things a person can fall in love with, like with life itself.

Even if you are single or in a relationship, you can put some nice clothes on to enjoy the holiday, which are not necessarily the most elegant ones you can think of, but still perfect for the holiday. Today we have prepared for you a few suggestions for casual and yet stylish outfit ideas that are great for Valentine’s Day. All of them are suitable both for daytime and nighttime.

#1 Red blazer for a sophisticated outfit

The first of our suggestions in the list is one which is suitable for a day in the office. Since Valentine’s Day is not at the weekend this year, many people will not take the day off and will work on the holiday. Some of them see their partner at lunchbreak or directly after work. That is why one needs to be prepared with a suitable outfit.

You can wear a red blazer with a shirt in some nude hue under it. The bottom part of your outfit could consist of a pair of fitted jeans and a pair of stiletto shoes in the same, or similar, color like the one of the shirt. The red hue of the blazer could be some darker one and the blazer could be fitted. This is an elegant combination which is suitable for the working environment.

#2 Casual chic

The next idea is for those of you who want to keep it casual but at the same time chic. There are actually a lot of such outfits, but the one we have prepared for you consists of a top and high-waist flared skirt in red.

If you choose a flared skirt, it needs to be a short one, or a middle-length one and not too long one because the flaring effect will be lost. If you find it too cold to wear short skirts, you can put some pantyhose underneath. There are some very pretty pantyhose designs which will match the holiday atmosphere perfectly.

As for the top part of the outfit, you can put some white top with a red heart on, or you can keep it simpler – you can wear one-color top and you can choose either white, or black. It is best to avoid choosing some red or pink hue specifically for the top.

When it comes to the shoes, you can wear some stilettos in a nude hue which can suit any of the mentioned colors of the outfit, but of course you can wear black and even red stilettos if you prefer.

#3 Heart-printed shirt with black pants

The next outfit idea which you can try this Valentine’s Day is for those of you who do not have a super strict dress code and are willing to try some cheesy and yet very cute shirt design at work.

You can actually wear a white shirt with red hearts print. What better day to try some piece of clothing which you would normally not try or not feel comfortable wearing in public.

As you probably know, prints are an important part of fashion. There are certain types of prints which are in fashion every season. This Valentine’s Day you can try heart-shape one.

The bottom part of your outfit could be a simple pair of black pants. You can choose some high-waist ones and you can tuck in the shirt. You can wear this outfit with a blazer on top and some high heels, preferably stiletto ones, of course.

#4 Rock & Roll Chick

The last of the outfit ideas in our list is called like that because it is inspired in a way by the rock and roll style. For this outfit you will need a pair of black leather pants, or a pair fitted black jeans if you do not want to wear leather pants. You can also opt for a pair of jeans which have flower embroidery on the leg since this jeans style is quite popular at the moment.

As for the top part of the outfit, you can wear a simple black top with some lace neckline and on top of it – a leather jacket, of course. If you want to make it in theValentine’s Day style, then you can put on a red leather jacket, which you can match with red ankle boots. You can choose both the jacket and the ankle boots to be shiny ones to make the outfit more impressive and suitable for the occasion, but it is, of course, up to you to decide this.

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