4 Fall Trends You Must This Season

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The beauty of fashion is that every season there are new trends, so if some of them do not appeal to you, you could try other ones, or simply wait for the new season when more and more new trends will come up. Fall is the season that is linked to clothes in darker colors which do not attract as much attention as the spring and the summer clothes, for example.

Well, since fashion likes to refute common beliefs, there is no wonder that often fashion trends will be unexpected and bold ones. Today we have prepared for you some current fashion trends which you should not miss to try.

#1 Shiny Leather

If you expect fall fashion trends to be boring, think twice! This trend is certainly not boring. It combines leather, which is a fabric that is typical for the fall, but it also has colors different from black, brown and grey which are typically linked to the seasonal trends. On the contrary, it has bold and vibrant colors, like blue, red, yellow, and green. This season you could unleash the bold fashionista in you by trying this trend.

They say that colors have a great influence on people’s mood. That is also why we should surround ourselves with vibrant colors because they will make us feel good. It is not necessary to be dressed in shiny leather from top to bottom. You may only wear such a top, a skirt, or pants. Or if you want to be even bolder, why do not you try a colorful leather coat? You will be really fashionable.

#2 Velvet

Here is another trend that is about the fabric the clothes are made of. If you think that velvet clothes are a thing of the past, think twice. It is true that it is a thick kind of fabric. That is why it is suitable for the cold seasons of the year, winter and fall. And this fall velvet will be one of the top fabrics.

So, this season you could experiment with yourself and your style and wear some velvet clothes, especially dresses. You could wear them to work or even to some special events, like dinners and meeting. You can be sure that your fashion sense will make a good impression on the other people.

#3 Vintage romance

I am just in love with vintage style and there are also a lot of women who have been enchanted by it ever since it came out as a trend. This fall season, though, there will be a twist to the trend – some romance is added to the vintage style. This means that fairy and feminine clothes with a sense of the past will be a huge hit this season.

You can wear silk and satin fabrics accompanied by floral prints and embroideries. You will have the chance to awaken the fairy within and to be very feminine and delicate. These dresses are suitable for everyday use and, of course, for a romantic date.

#4 These wide, wide shoulders

Believe it or not, this season will be also about the wide shoulders. Which, of course, means that you should add in your wardrobe some coats and outerwear with shoulder pads. Or simply ones which have shoulder-centered silhouette.

If you are not afraid to wear bold styles and clothes, then this trend is definitely for you. It is a hot new trend which is designed to make women wearing it a center of attention. There are already a lot of coats, even shirts and dresses with wide-shoulder silhouette, so you will have plenty to choose from.

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