4 Fashion Secrets Every Woman Must Know

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Looking perfect is not an easy task and as we have seen many times, even the Hollywood stars look ridiculous in their clothes, Thankfully there are those people called stylists, who are always aware of the latest trends and know every little secret from the world of fashion. In this article two of the most popular stylists – Emily Current and Merit Elliot will share their must-know secrets with us. They will help you look and feel great every day, thank to these little fashion tricks.

1. Consider your figure

When you are buying clothes, try them carefully. They should fit your figure perfectly. In case you really like a certain piece of clothing, which is not exactly right for you, it`s better to make the necessary corrections, rather than wear it, as it is. There is such a great diversity of products out there that it would be a sin to wear clothes, which are not appropriate for your body shape. Try on everything you like and find the best match – that`s what will make you look great!

2. Attention to detail

Nothing changes your outfit, more than the small, but beautiful details. Always pay attention to them. Choose the accessories wisely, think of appropriate combinations, which look nice and express your style. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, scarves and more – combine them in a way, which is aesthetic and trendy and you`ll not regret it. Pay attention to the hair accessories, too and never forget that your whole outfit should correspond to your makeup and hairstyle. Every detail is important and trust us – people usually notice every small effort you`ve made to look great!

3. Don`t buy shoes, which are too tight

You probably know it is recommended to buy shoes at the end of the day, because your feet are sore and this way you will find shoes, which will fit them in their worst condition. According to stylists it is best to buy half a size bigger shoe than your regular shoes, especially if you spend much time walking or standing. It is also a good idea to but some silicone food pads, which will make your feet feel even more comfortable. Don`t forget that the perfect shoe combinations is beautiful and comfortable.

4. It all starts from the inside

It may sound like a positive psychology help group slogan, but actually that`s the bare truth, even according to fashion stylists. Your inner confidence shines outside – you probably know that. Believe in you, love what you see in the mirror and take care of your inner world. Be confident – you look great and you can achieve everything you want.

These simple, but extremely important fashion tips have helped many women build up their style and find their way to being simply fabulous. Now look at your wardrobe and make a tough decision – some things should be thrown away, others changed and some worn more often!

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