4 Female “Flaws” Men Do Not Care about

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There are a lot of women who feel insecure about their bodies. In fact, a huge part of the female society does not like some part of their bodies. This is because women in general are too critical about themselves. And this often gets in their way when it comes to having a love relationship with a man. Women are so bemused in their so-called flaws that they are worried to show their real personalities to the men they are going out with.

No matter how self-conscious these women may be about the way men are going to react to their “flaws”, they need to know that men really do not notice theses “flaws” and do not see them as such. The only thing that happens is in women’s heads. Today we are going to show you which of these so-called female flaws men absolutely do not care about.

#1 The size of a woman’s butt, breasts, or hips

Women are obsessed with perfect proportions and often think that men only like very skinny women. If you are one of these women, think twice. There are a lot of men who like curvy women, because a big booty and round hips are actually sexy.

Think of all the celebrities with curves and how many men like them. You can be sure that if a man wants to sleep with you, he has no problems with your body and most probably like it.

Another thing they do not care about is whether you weight a pound or two more than you want. Men like women with good appetite and find a little bit annoying when women count their calories. So, stop being so obsessed with your weight and do not let it stop you from being with a man you really like.

#2 Underwear that is not sexy

Women think that men only like sexy lingerie and thongs, and that this is the only way they could turn men on. In fact, men care little about women’s lingerie. They are rather thinking about the actions after taking off women’s lingerie and if it is not sexy, who cares, they would still want to spend the night with you.

There are also some research that show there are men who prefer women with more innocent and simple underwear, because this makes them appear innocent and more vulnerable, and some men like to feel dominant and strong. That is why you should stop caring about whether your underwear is sexy or not. Some women even say that the odds are with them when they wear granny underwear every time they want to pick up a guy. Well, try it out yourselves.

#3 Being unexperienced in lovemaking

Most women think that men like tigresses in bed and that they will be put off a woman who is not that experiences in sexual contacts. If men are looking for a one-night stand they would definitely prefer some seductress, but if their intentions towards a woman are honest and they want something more from her, they would be very pleased to hear that this woman is not that experienced.

First of all, this is because men like to know that the woman they are with have not been with a lot of men before them. And as we mentioned earlier, men like it when women are innocent and vulnerable. They also like it when women are unexperienced. You can be sure that a man would be willing to teach you a thing or two himself, because he will feel like the dominant one and the teacher. This is not a flaw, this definitely is a plus! ‘

#4 Not having makeup on or a hairstyle

Women think that men would not like them when they do not have makeup on. But this is often a reflection of their insecurities and their inner struggles. In fact, men are not so obsessed with a woman’s makeup, or a woman’s hairstyle. Men do not notice the details of a woman’s look. They notice the whole look. This means that a woman wearing even a simple ponytail and a track suit and trainers can make a good impression on a man.

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