4 Full-Body Stretching Exercises

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There are different kinds of physical exercises that people do to keep fit. Some prefer to go to the gym, while others stick to the traditional jogging in the park. And still whatever exercise a person does to keep fit, they need to start with some warming up first, or some stretching. There are some people who stick only to stretching to keep fit. And it actually works. It is pleasant and useful at the same time and gives one energy.

If you are interesting in stretching, you can check out these exercises we have prepared for you today. They are all about full-body stretching since it is best to always use your full capacity. So, here are the full-body exercises in our list!

#1 Standing side stretch

This is my favorite stretching move and I usually start with it to use my body’s full stretching capacity. It is very easy to do as well. What you need to do is to stand up straight with your legs pressed together. Then raise your arms above your head and clasp your hands. Raise your two index fingers imitating a shotgun with your hands.

This is your starting position and you need to make sure your hands and legs do not move while you are doing the stretching exercise. From this initial position you need to bend your body to your right side as much as you can. Do it slowly counting to five and taking 5 slow and deep breaths. Then move your upper body into the initial position. Repeat the same exercise but on your left side this time. And then it is done!

#2 Bending forward stretch

The next stretching move again involves standing up straight. It is best to follow the sequence of the stretching moves the way they are described in our list although it is not absolutely necessary to do so. You can repeat the move 5 times or less. You need to stand with your legs slightly pressed together and your back being as straight as possible. Then put your arms behind your back and clasp your hands.

This is the initial position you need to remember. Then breathe in slowly and while you are breathing out you need to bend your upper body forward with your arms going the same direction. When you have bent enough your hands need to be somewhat at the level of your upper back, but if you have problem with this, do not worry doing it perfectly at first. You will slowly get better at it. Hold the bent position for 5 deep breaths and then slowly move to your initial position.

#3 The runner’s stretch

With the next stretching position we move closer to the floor. The position is called this way because it resembles the starting position of runners. What you need do to is to put your body forward with your right leg split from your left one. Your left leg should be stretched downwards and your right leg should be bent at your knee with a 90-degree angle there. Keep your two legs stretched as much as you can.

Then you need to put your palms on the floor on each side of your right foot. If you cannot put your whole palms on the floor just put your fingertips on the floor. Then you need to breathe in and while you are exhaling you need to strengthen your right leg, which as you remember is bent at your knee. Then slowly return to your initial position with your leg bent. Repeat it 4 times and then switch legs and repeat the whole exercise.

#4 Sitting back twist stretch

For the next stretch you need to sit on the floor. You need to stretch your left leg in a horizontal position, completely touching the floor. Then, not moving your left leg, raise your right one and cross your left leg. Put your foot on the floor on the other side of your left leg. This way your right need should be bent.

Then you need to put your right hand palm on the floor with your fingers pointing outwards. As for your left hand, you need to put it on the other side of your bent right leg and to bend it at the elbow, raising your hand in the air towards the ceiling with your palm facing outwards.

Then you need to breathe in while you are in this position. Then slowly begin breathing out and turning your upper body to your right. Move your head as well looking over your right shoulder. Hold this position for 5 slow and relatively deep breaths and then move to your initial position. Switch legs and repeat the whole stretching exercise to the other side.

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