4 Refreshing Drinks for The Summer

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The warm moths we have waited for during the whole winter have finally come. However, there are still some disadvantages of the hot weather and one of them is when the weather gets too hot. People start to sweat, feel more exhausted and want to relax more.

Well, we cannot bring the cool days back, but we can at least have some drinks to cool us down. Here are some refreshing drink recipes to try on your own when you want to bring back some winter coolness.

Exotic party cocktail

This cocktail is a perfect one to use if you are having unexpected guests and you need to prepare something interesting and delicious quickly. It is also very easy to execute. You will need only some ingredients and a couple of free minutes to do it.


2 ounces of melon juice

½ ounce of fresh lemon juice

1 teaspoon of simple syrup


cocktail cherries


Get a big glass or a jug and mix in it the melon juice, the fresh lemon juice and the syrup. If you have the chance, it is better to use fresh melon juice as well. Then stir everything well. Finally, add the ice and your drink is ready. Serve it in a glass and decorate it with a cocktail cherry.

Sophisticated refreshing cocktail

After a long day in the office, a lot of people want to have a relaxing drink. In the winter people have drinks that will warm them up, and in the summer people choose drinks that will cool them down.

If you like champagne, you should definitely try this drink. It is not too strong. It is actually an interesting mixture of apples and slight alcohol taste. Here is how to do it:



Apple cider

An apple


Get a jug and mix in it equal amounts of champagne and apple cider. For example, if you mix 330 ml of apple cider, you should add 330 ml of champagne. Mix the liquids well and your cocktail is ready. You can add ice if you want as well. Serve the cocktail in champagne glasses and decorate them with a piece of peeled apple.

Cranberry punch

If you like all kinds of berries, than this cocktail is the perfect refreshing drink for you. It is great for this time of the year, because it is the season of berries and you can find a lot of fresh berries on the market. And yes, you will need fruits for this cocktail.


1 bottle of sparkling cider

1 bottle of grape juice

2 apples

2 oranges

some cranberries


Get a big bowl. If you have a glass punch bowl, it would be perfect. Pour in it the grape juice and then mix it with the sparkling cider. Stir them a little before you add the fruits.

Wash the apples and cut them into small pieces. Peel the oranges and cut them into the same size pieces. Wash the cranberries. Mix all the fruits before you add them into the punch bowl. Stir them well. Finally, add the ice.

Serve the punch in wine glasses. You do not need to add any decorations, because the different fruit colors are a good enough decoration.

Sherbet punch

Here is a very sweet recipe, both literary and figuratively. It is called Sherbet punch, but there are some very interesting twists to the recipe. Here is what it is all about.


3 cups of cranberries

6 bowls of rainbow sherbet

6 ounces of fruit punch concentrate

6 ounces of pink lemonade

5 cups of ginger ale

champagne to taste


Get a muffin or a cupcake pan with 6 cups. Pun in each muffin cup 3-4 cranberries. Then put on top of them a bowl of sherbet. Then put the pan into the freezer for at least an hour.

Then get a jug and put in it the rest of the cranberries. Pour into the jug the fruit punch concentrate, the pink lemonade, and the ginger ale. Mix everything well.

Serve the punch in lemonade glasses. First, you need to put a bowl of frozen sherbet in the glass.

Then fill in the glass with the punch by leaving some space for the champagne. It should be added last. If some of your guests do not want, they may not drink their sherbet punch with champagne.

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