4 Useful Tips For a Flawless Vacation

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The summer is over, but it does not mean that the nice weather is completely gone. Fortunately we have the chance to enjoy warm and sunny days for a few more weeks, so it is still early to put the suitcase into the closet. We have 4 tips for those of you who are always ready for an adventure. They will save you lots of time and troubles during your holiday, so do observe them.

1. The Annoying mosquitoes

Mosquitoes live mainly in warm, wet regions – just like most of the summer destinations. Unfortunately in some cases even spraying your whole body with a mosquito repellent is not enough to protect you from the itchy bites of those avid bloodsuckers. What really helps though is a small bottle of lavender oil. Use your fingertips to apply it over your body (even the areas, covered by clothes). The benefits – mosquito bite protection and awesome lavender smell, works better than a body lotion!

2. Bread against burns

Did you know that the soft part of the bread offers great relief against burns, including sun burns? Well, now you know. Simply apply a piece of bread into the burned are and you`ll feel the result very soon. Of course, it will not help with serious injuries, but it is still a good option for the light ones.

3.Blood stains

Incidents may happen – this could be as simple as a finger cut during salad preparation and after you stop the blood, you may want to know how to remove the blood stains from your favourite top, for example. First you need to wash it with cold water (never ever use hot water) and then repeat the procedure using soap or washing powder. If you notice dry blood stains onto your clothes, which you have not noticed in time, then things could be more complicated, but the battle is still on. If you don`t have or don`t want to carry special detergents, simply add a small pack of sodium carbonate into your luggage and it could save your clothes from the annoying stains. Just apply the sodium carbonate onto the stain and leave it for a while. It will go green and the stain will be removed after you wash it.

4.Ice fresh

Freeze a bottle of water the night before you leave. Take it out a few minutes before departure and take it with you. The ice will be slowly melting and you`ll have a fresh, icy drink for the whole time og your travel to the desired destination. You can pour some more water into that very bottle, so you can prolong the ice effect.

These are 4 simple tips, which is good to consider when going on a vacation. They are easy to follow and could save your holiday.

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