5 Do’s and Don’ts of Applying Makeup

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Makeup has turned into a daily routine to a lot of women. There are some who would hardly leave the house without makeup on. However, there are still a lot of women who do not apply makeup properly because they are not aware of some unwritten rules about applying makeup.

Today we decided to help you with your makeup routine by listing for you some of the important Do’s and Don’ts of applying makeup. If you follow them, you will have a flawless makeup in no time. So, here they are!

#1 Don’t apply foundation on bare skin, Do prime first

First we start with one of the first steps of applying makeup – foundation. It is very common since it hides some skin flaws and at the same time.

If you apply foundation regularly, you need to know that it is not best applying it on bare skin because the coverage will not be so smooth and at the same time it will clog your pores, which is definitely not good for your skin. It could lead to inflammations, irritations, and zits.

What you need to do before you apply foundation is to moisturize your skin by applying some face cream, for example, and then applying primer to make your skin smoother and to close your pores a little so that you neutralize the bad effect of the foundation of your pores.

Another thing that you should consider when you apply foundation is that you need to match its color to your overall cleavage complexion and not to the complexion of your face because this way there will be no contrast with your cleavage and it will not look unnatural.

#2 Don’t use a too light concealer, Do use a corrector for your under-eyes first

The next step of applying makeup is the concealer. As you probably already know, you should apply concealer after you apply foundation. This way you will be able to boost the effect of the concealer more. It is important to choose a concealer color that is neither too light, nor too dark for your skin.

In fact, it is better to compare it to the color of your foundation and not your skin. Choose a concealer that is a couple of tones lighter than the foundation you use. And if you want to hide better the dark circles under your eyes, you need to use corrector first. This will boost the effect of the concealer and will help hide dark circles better.

#3 Don’t use foundation powder to set makeup, Do use setting powder

The third step of applying makeup is setting the foundation and the concealer by setting powder. There are some women who use any kind of powder to set their makeup. This, however, is not a very good idea.

It is best to use only setting powder for this purpose and not foundation powder, for example, because other kinds of powders will not do the same job. Whereas setting powder will not let your makeup smear or smudge.

#4 Don’t use black brow products, Do use darker or lighter brow powder according to your hair color

The next step of applying makeup is brows. Women nowadays are so used to reshaping their brows using makeup that the very look of their natural brows makes them uncomfortable sometimes.

If you do the same with your brows and apply makeup product on them, you need to know which tones are the best for you and which ones to avoid.

If you are blonde, you need to use brow powder that it a couple of shades darker than your hair color. And if you are dark-haired, you need to use some brow powder that is a couple of tones lighter than your hair color.

The last thing you need to have in mind is that you should not apply black brow powder because it will look unnatural on your face.

#5 Don’t highlight apples of your cheeks, Do apply blush on them

The next tip in our list is about highlighting and blush. If you want to have a flawless makeup, then you need to have in mind is that you should apply highlighter on your nose, cupid’s bow and your cheeks, while you should apply blush only on the apples of your cheeks.

Sometime you can use highlight on the apples of your cheeks if you do not have blush, but you can do this only if you do not have large pores. Highlighting on this part of the face can make your pores look even bigger.

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