5 Exercises for Toned and Tight Booty

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Nowadays the fitness mania is all over. There are a lot of people who spend hours at the gym trying to keep fit, look sexier and be healthy. Of course, some of the reasons are stronger than the others. And still sports, workouts, and exercises are very popular among people.

There are different parts of the human body people like to do exercises for, like legs, stomach, booty. And the part of their body women train for the most is probably their booties. Inspired by this, we decided to show you some exercises for toned and tight booty. Let’s hope you will like them.

#1 Side kicks

The firs exercises in our list is called “Side kicks”. What you need to do here is to put your palms and knees on the ground. Your back should be as horizontal as it could be. Then keeping your leg in the same knee-bended position lift it to sidewards as much as you can. Then simply stretch it horizontally.

At first you may not be able to lift it that much but the more you repeat this exercises, the better you will become at it. Then carefully go back in the knee-bend position and put your leg down on the ground.

Repeat the same step 5 times and then change your legs. For a maximum result repeat the exercise two or three times by taking 5-second break between the set of exercises.

#2 Scissor kicks

The next exercise is similar to the first one when it comes to the starting position and the kicks. You again need to put your palms and your knees on the floor and your back need to be in horizontal position once again. Then start with your right leg. Lift it horizontally and start “kicking”.

Cross your left leg with your right one and touch the floor, then lift it back up and touch the floor to your right. You need to feel the muscles on your booty as well as the muscles on your hips. Do 10 kick-crosses and then switch legs. Repeat the exercise two times.

#3 Single leg booty push-ups

For the next exercise you need to change the position of your body. Lie down on your back with your arms next to your body. Your palms should be put on the floor. Then lift your legs and put your feet on the ground. Start with your right leg once again. Unbend your right knee and keep it this way.

Then lift it up without bending the knee. Lift if as much as possible and then slowly drop it down. Repeat it 10 times and then change your legs by doing the same with your other leg.

Repeat the whole exercise two or three times by having a 5-second breaks between the sessions. At first you can start by repeating the exercise once more and then the more you do the exercises you could gradually increase the number of times you repeat the exercise.

#4 Tip-toe squats

The next exercise will not only tone your booty, but also your hips. So, here is what you need to do. Stand up straight. Then cross your hands, as if for a prayer, in front of your chest by bending your elbows. Then put your feet wide apart from one another, they should be somewhere about the level of your shoulders, or even a little bit wider apart.

Then start with your left foot. Stand with it on your toes while your whole other foot should be touching the floor. And simply start doing squats. Try to keep your back straight and stick out your booty a little. Then switch feet and repeat the same exercise with your right foot on tip toes. At first you can start by doing 10 squats and with time to increase them to 20.

#5 Plank leg lift

The next exercise you can try for toning your booty is the plank leg lift. You need to put your palms and knees on the floor with you facing the floor. Then stretch your legs and with your toes and palms on the floor only. And then start lifting your legs.

Begin with your right one. Lift it upwards with your knee in a 90-degree position. Your leg, from your body up to your need, should be in a horizontal position. Then start doing the lifting from this position upwards. You need to do something like kicks. Do 20 kicks and then change legs and repeat the same exercises. You could once again switch legs by repeating the whole exercise.

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