5 Fashion Items You Should Embrace in 2017

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New Year – new beginning. Or this is at least what a lot of people think. Sometimes our plans do not turn out the way we intend. But there is one thing that people can count on when it comes to certainty and this is fashion.

Today we are going to show you some of the fashion trends that will be popular this year. Surely, you will not be surprised to see some of them in the list simply because they are some which are often in the top positions. So, check them out!

#1 Stripes

The first of the fashion trends that you should definitely wear this year is stripes. Stripes have been popular for the last few seasons and it looks like they are going to stay. The good thing about this trend is that you probably have some clothes in stripes in your wardrobe already.

You could wear them both in tops and bottoms. Bottoms in stripes are a good and fresh choice for the spring and summer months, so you could have them in mind when the seasons come. So, if you still do not have some tops or bottoms in stripes, then it is about time to add them to your closet.

#2 Trainers

We are in love with high heels, but this does not mean that these should be the only kind of shoes a woman should have in her wardrobe. Trainers are another kind of shoes a woman should have as well. First of all, they are comfortable and could come in handy when a woman wants to relax after wearing high heels for too long.

Another reason why trainers should be in a girl’s wardrobe is because they were a top fashion item last year and they will continue to be such this year. Do not think that trainers could be only sporty and that you should only match them with a tracksuit.

There are a lot of different types of trainers these days, like colorful, shiny, metallic, or even in sequins. This way you could choose the design that you like the best and the one that will suit your style.

#3 Interesting prints

Fashion always tends to surprise people and there is always something new and interesting that is part of it. This season you could definitely try some new and interesting prints. And this does not mean that you should try some specific print. On the contrary, it is better to wear unusual and unconventional prints.

They could be animal ones, or different geometrical shapes, or simply wear prints with different and colorful shapes. This year you could turn to your wild and bold part of your personality and try something new and unusual, even a kind of print that you would not normally wear. Experimenting with prints will be in fashion this year.

#4 Sports items

Here is another very interesting trend that will be popular this year – sport items. As we mentioned earlier, trainers will be one of the items that one should definitely include in their wardrobe. However, not only this sport item will be popular this year. You could wear different sports items to match your outfits. The important thing you need to remember about this “rule” is to wear only 1 sports item with an outfit. For example, you could wear trainers, or a t-shirt, or even tracksuit bottoms, but not to match them.

#5 Mule

The next item in the list is again about shoes. This year one of the top shoe trends will be mule shoes. This kind of shoes do not have a stripe for the heels and basically heels are bare. This shoe trend has not been popular soon, but this year is coming back and it will take number one positions as well. So, you could definitely include them in your wardrobe for the warmer months of the year.

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