5 Interesting and Fun Festivals around the World to Visit This October

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There are a lot of people who take their annual paid leaves in the summer because this is the season of vacations. However, this does not mean that throughout the rest of the year a person should stay at home and wait for the next summer to come. On the contrary, if one misses the summer and feels a little depressed staying at home, then they should fight fire with fire and should simply go on vacation somewhere.

If you have decided that you do not want to wait for the next summer season to come to have some vacation, then you could have in mind today’s list of interesting places to see in October. What is interesting about them is that there is some kind of festival happening at some point during the month. This way you can get to know their traditions, habits, and culture better. So, here is our list of interesting October festivals around the world!

#1 Octoberfest, Germany

There is just no way not to put Octoberfest first in our October festival list. It is one of the most popular festivals in Germany and even in Europe. It is the festival that all beer lovers wait eagerly. If you still have not visited it, you have a few days left, to the 7th October, to enjoy the atmosphere of Octoberfest.

You will get the chance to try a lot of different kinds of beer and to mingle with people from all over the world who love this drink. Even if you are not a huge fan of beer, you are still likely to have great fun there because of the festive atmosphere.

#2Matchmaking Festival, Ireland

Here is a very interesting festival for those of you who are still single and would like to find a partner for themselves. It is the Matchmaking Festival in Lisdoonvarna in Ireland. The festival lasts for more than a month and it has already started on the 2nd September. You still have the chance to visit it since the last day of the festival would be 9th October.

What is interesting about this festival is that it is more than 150 years old. In the past a lot of single ladies from the surrounding farmlands found their husbands-to-be during the festival. Nowadays the tradition is still alive helping a lot of singles find a partner.

Since the festival is already a modern version of the old one, it includes modern-day activities, like speed dating, barn dancing, and even horse races. And even if you are not single, you could have lots of fun witnessing all of the events.

#3Diwali, India

If you want to visit India, then one of the best times to do it is during Diwali. It is a festival which is also called “Festival of Lights”. It takes place in Mumbai from the 19 to 23 October. At this time the city is full of tourists and, of course, a lot of lights.

The celebrations include a lot of firework displays, burning butter and oil lanterns as well as candles, and exchanging gifts. During the festival there is a great atmosphere and could get really noisy at times because of the constant fireworks, but in general it is very fun and it is worth experiencing.

#4 Polar Circle Marathon, Greenland

The next festival in our list is perfect for those of you who are into sports and like extremes. The marathon is also called “the Coolest Marathon on Earth”and as you can guess from the name of it, it takes place in Greenland and it is about running through snow and winter environment.

The event will take place on the 28th and 29th October and it will attract plenty of enthusiasts from around the world who want to test their running abilities. And even if you are not one of the people who would like to take part of the event, you still may attend it having the opportunity to admire the winter beauty of Greenland.

#5Amsterdam Halloween Festival, Holland

There is just no way to skip mentioning one of the biggest holidays in October, which also makes the month the spookiest one – Halloween. The holiday is on 31st October but often the celebrations of it start earlier and last for a few days, like in Amsterdam, for example.

The celebrations in Amsterdam will start on the 28th with all night horror movie marathon which will help people get predisposed for the very Halloween Night on the 31st October with a great Halloween Costume Party.

If you are a fan of the holiday, then you definitely need to consider spending those 5 days in Amsterdam because you will really feel the vibes of it in the air. And if you cannot be in Amsterdam for the holiday, you may visit New York City instead where the parties for the holiday are equally spooky and fun.


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