5 Minute Bouncy Curls

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Who says that creating bouncy curls should take forever? This tutorial will prove you that creating flawless curls can happen in 5 minutes!

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to spray a light mist of dry shampoo to the lengths and ends of your hair. Then, gently brush your hair to evenly distribute the product and remove any knots or tangles. You can also invest in a special beach waves tousling spray to maximize volume and waves.

Step 2: Gather all of your hair into a high ponytail and tighten it with a rubber band.

Step 3: Ensure your hair is absolutely dry from the leave in conditioners before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4: Split the ponytail in two halves so it will be easier and quicker to add the curls.

Step 5: Prepare for styling! Heat up your large-barrel curling iron. Then, take your curling iron and wrap a relatively small section of your hair around the curling iron. Wait for a couple of minutes before releasing the curl.

Step 6: If you want your hair to look longer, do not curl your bottom layers from the root to the end. Instead, place the iron in the middle and curl the last four inches. Repeat the process with the next bottom section of your hair.

Step 7: Spray your ponytail with a hairspray and let it cool for a couple of minutes.

Step 8: Next up, remove the hair band and shake your hair. You may spray a light hold hairspray as you go.

Step 9: Look yourself in the mirror and check if any strands need to be curled again. This should not take more than a minute or two.

Step 10: As a final step, shake your hair and apply some hairspray all over your hairstyle to captivate your curls in place longer.

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