5 of the Strangest Museums in Berlin

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Berlin – a vivid, cosmopolite city. The capital of Germany. Home of sights such as the Berlin Wall, Reichstag building, the Brandenburg gate, Alexanderplatz and much more. If you visit Berlin – you won`t miss visiting those, but if they seem too mainstream for you… then go for these 5 museums out of more than 170), which will definitely impress you, because they are… well, pretty strange

1. The Museum of Medical History – Berliner Medizinhistorisches Museum

Growing tumors, kidneys with deformations or embryos, which look like cyclops – creepy, isn`t it? These are things, which sneak into your mind and stay there for a very long time. Definitely not for everyone, but quite interesting to see. Don`t worry – that`s not all. The museum will also educate you on a wide variety of socio-cultural matters, related to the history of medicine. A large collection of over 750 exponents shows how the human vision of the body changed over time. The trip also includes the Berlin Anatomic Theater and the autopsy hall. If you still have appétit … then continue to the next museum.

2. The German Museum of Currywurst – Deutsches Currywurst Museum

Currywurst – the culinary symbol of the capital. You like it? Then there is a museum of the Currywurst, which you should not hesitate to visit. The exhibition is more like an unique experience, rather than usual museum exhibition. You`ll smell the exotic herbs and will be allowed to see how the curry is being prepared. In the kitchen near there, Herta Heuwer – the currywurst “inventor” will carefully explain the secrets of the so-called chill-up sauce. If you feel tired, you can rest on the wurst-couch.

3.The Museum of Sugar – Zucker-Museum

This museum has over 100-year history and it actually shows that the history of sugar is not sweet at all. The sugar has been widely used in Eurove for many years, just because of the colonialism and the slaves trade. Of course, the exhibition also shows interesting facts about the daily sugar intakes, as well as what the world will look like without the white crystals.

4.The Museum of Unheard of Things – Museum der Unerhörten Dinge

This museum is dedicated to some small, usual things, which actually put the beginning of a really great story. For example a small piece of paper burned in the middle. It is not simply a piece of paper. It is a bright example of a “sudden idea”. The story tells that a neurologist from Cologne invented the so-called “ electrograph of the sudden idea “, which measured the energy released by a person, when he is enlightened by a sudden idea.

5. The Museum of Letters – Buchstabenmuseum

The pure facts are expecting you at the Museum of Letters – all comes down to these characters. The letters are nothing more than characters. They carry no information themselves, but they are powerful, when grouped together.

These are 5 of the strangest museums in Berlin, but as we have already mentioned, there are over 170 museums, so take your time and choose the ones, which fit your interests best!

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