5 Over-the-Top Fashion Items – Will You Dare to Try Them?

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Nowadays fashion has no limits. There surely are fashion trends which a lot of people will fall in love with and would wear for a long time, but this does not mean that all fashion trends are suitable for the majority of people. In fact, there are some fashion items which are a bit over the top that only people with unusual and bold sense of style will dare to try them out.

Today we have decided to ask you whether you are one of these people. We have prepared for you a list of some over-the-top fashion items. Check them out and let us know which of them you will never try out and which you are willing to give some chance. And here they are!

#1 Udder bag

There are a lot of statement bags which are not only interesting but also make a good conversation starter. Some of them are in the shape of a book, others in the shape of a phone, vinyl record, or some phone even. Basically, there are a lot of statement bag shapes which a person can try out. But have you ever thought to wear a bag with an udder?

There is a bucket bag in the shape of an udder. It is in a similar color to the one which cow udders are and, of course, it has 4 teats. After all there could not be an udder without teats. Surely this is an unusual bag which definitely is a conversation starter. Would you dare to wear it?

#2 Human Print Clothes

The next idea which is a bit over-the-top includes some clothes with prints of people. Nowadays people can find almost any type of clothing print they are looking for. It could be a geometrical shape, some animal, or some flower. There are even prints which include people.

And not just vague people’s figures, but, for example, a leggings with the face of a famous actor, or singer, or a dress with someone famous once again. Such kinds of prints can be a little bit tacky no matter whether the print is of a famous person or someone who nobody has heard of. These items’ place here is surely one they deserve.

#3 Toiler paper earrings

The next item is definitely over-the-top one and I believe that not many people will be willing to try it on unless it is some kind of joke. I love both statement bags and statement earrings, but some are too much even for me, like toilet paper earrings.

Imagine some drop earrings with small white toilet papers on them. Yes, there are such ones and many more unusual types of earrings. Would you dare to wear them?

#4 Barbie hair choker

The next fashion item which is a little bit over-the-top may impress some of you who adore Barbie dolls. There is actually a choker which consists of a Barbie head with two long braids.

So the braids are actually the part of the choker which goes round the neck and the head of the doll stays at the front as a pendants. It is definitely some unusual choker which only some bold fashion adventurers would be willing to try out.

#5 Hoop bag

The next interesting, or should I say unusual, item in our list is inspired by a particular girly activity – hula hooping. You probably remember in your childhood balancing such hoop on your waist. It was fun and even helped keeping one’s waistline under control.

Nowadays there is a fashion item inspired by the traditional hula hoop. And this time one will not balance it on their waist but on their shoulder since it is a bag. There is actually a bag made of two hula hoops. They represent the straps and the bottom part of the bag itself. It is surely an impressive bag which will hold a lot of things without leaving you unnoticed. You can be sure about that.

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