5 Signs Showing He Will Not Be Good in Bed

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Nowadays there are almost no taboos about people’s intimate lives. People are in general open about their sexual needs and their intimate lives. They could have more than one intimate partner and to feel great about it. Of course, this is something people can choose for themselves.

Sex is very important when it comes to a person’s love relationships. If the sex between them is good, then the relationship may last a long time and if not, well it is probably doomed. So how to really know if a guy is going to be good in bed once you have started dating him?

Today we are going to show you some tricks which will reveal you this secret. This way there will be no surprises later when you decide to take your relationship to bed. Check it out!

#1 He is a bad kisser

The first of the warning signs in our list that a man is probably not a good lover, is that he is not a good kisser. Of course, this is not always 100% true every time but kissing helps find out if a man is going to be good in bed or not. If a guy is really good in bed, then this will be shown through his kissing. The more passionately he kiss, the better, and more passionate, lover he will be, have this in mind.

#2 The first time you kiss his hands go down on you

The next sign showing that a guy will hardly be the best lover in the world is again connected to kisses, but this time the first kiss you have together. If he immediately wants to touch his intimate parts during your first kiss, this may be a sign that he is still somewhat inexperienced about sex.

This is like when a ninth grader starts kissing a girl and his hormones go crazy and try to put their hands in the girl’s pants. This surely is not a pretty picture when you are already old enough and know how you want your first kiss to be. Surely, not like that.

#3 He does not have a good sense of direction

The next thing that you should take into consideration before you move on to the next step, the bed, with your date, is whether he has a good sense of direction. Surprisingly enough, this will show whether he is going to be good in bed or not. The reason for this is quite simple: if he knows how to get to a certain place in town, he is very likely not to know how to get to a certain part of your body on time.

Once you start having sex with this man, you will find out that the same goes for his sexual acts. He will either go too fast, or he will concentrate on something that you will not like much. So, yes, he is likely to be quite bad in bed as well as having no sense of direction.

#4 He never asks you about yourself

This sign could become visible even on your first date. There are men who do not stop going on and on about themselves. They are obsessed with themselves actually and that is often why they are not really interested in the girl they are dating, meaning they do not want to know too much personal information about her.

The only thing that they are curious about is whether this girl is attractive enough to sleep with her. This also shows that they are selfish in bed. They will not care much about the things their partner would like, but only the ones that appeal to them. So, yes, selfish men will not give you the pleasure you need in bed for sure.

#5 He is clumsy

I would say that being clumsy kind of looks like being directionless. There are a lot of people, not only men, who keep bumping into objects or into people, keep dropping random objects and breaking them and being awfully uncoordinated.

If the guy you have started dating is that clumsy, you should have second thoughts about him. He is very likely not to be flexible enough to make you feel good while having sex. You will feel awkward, he is likely to be too fast and uncoordinated about your body as well.

And in the end, you will feel unsatisfied, exhausted, and irritated. Unfortunately, this could be the sexual experience with such kind of clumsy person.

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