5 Summer Cocktails to Make at Home

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I am a  girl who loves a good drink at the end of the day and especially on a Friday night. Before I used to just buy a bottle of wine and enjoy a glass of it. But lately me and my friends have made a new tradition – every Friday night we gather at home and make and enjoy different cocktails. Of course we can’t be like the bartenders at the trending clubs, but we like easy, simple, yet delicious recipes. And summer is the perfect time for cocktails.

Have you ever tried to make yourself a cocktail? The first time I did it was a disaster, but after a couple of tries I have become very good at it and now I really do enjoy making them. So why don’t you just try yourself soon and make a new tradition yourself?

  1. Cognac Sparkler

I have noticed lately, that people don’t drink as much cognac as before. And I don’t really know why. It is a great subtle drink. If you drink it, clean it is more suitable for men. But in cocktails any woman can handle it with grace.

1 tbsp cognac
¾ cup chilled sparkling apple cider (you can switch it with another type you like)
a few dashes bitters

As you can see the ingredients are not that many. And that is what makes those cocktails easy to make at home. Grab a champagne glass. It is good to chill it before serving a cocktail in it. Pour the cognac in the cup. Add up the cider, until there is one finger left empty in the cup and stop. Add a few dashes bitters. You need to stir and it is cool if you have the right bartending tool, because you will feel bad ass, but you can actually you do it with anything.

Serve cold and enjoy!

  1. Blood Orange Rickey

This one is a cute little pink cocktail. Yes, girls – it is for all of you. Although many men will like the way it tastes, they probably won’t admit it and drink it, because of the pink color. Especially if you decorate the cup.

2 blood oranges
8 oz gin
1 liter sparkling water

Again, not many ingredients – simple. And as people say – ‘Keep it simple, because simple is good!’.

Grab some highball glasses. Actually, exactly 4. Then cut the blood oranges into two halves. Squeeze a half of a blood orange into every cup. Then pour 2 ounces of gin into every glass. Top up the cup with chilled sparkling water. If you want your cocktails to look cool garnish them with a slice of a blood orange and some cool straws.

  1. Aperol Spritz

This one is very typical and many people enjoy it while in bars. But who says you can’t make it at home and chill with a glass in a summery evening.

3 oz prosecco
1 ½ oz bitter aperitif liqueur (as you can imagine we are talking about Aperol, but you can switch things up with some Campari)
1 ½ oz soda water
a sliced orange to garnish

Have you ever noticed how bartenders make this cocktail? I think it is kind of beautiful the way they work and I am always amused and have fun sitting at the bar.

Grab wine cups. The Aperol Spritz sits best in them. Combine the Prosecco with the liquor and then add soda water until the tall cup is filled. Add 4-5 cubes of ice. Then to make things more beautiful add a slice of orange into every cup.

  1. Grapefruit Champagne

Anything that has champagne in it is amazing. I just can’t handle and hide the fact how much I love the bubbly drink. Of course I can’t always afford the good stuff and sometimes buy the cheaper type and make it into some cocktail, because this way it tastes better. Of course, if you have a 100$ bottle of champagne, drink it clean not with something, because it is worthed.

1 ½ oz grapefruit juice
1 oz elderflower liqueur
Champagne (the type you like and if you don’t have any switch it up with sparkling wine)
1 grapefruit twist

The combination between the champagne and the grapefruit is just perfect, especially in the summer.

For this thing you definitely must have champagne glasses. Pour the grapefruit juice and the liqueur into the champagne flute. Then add up the champagne or sparkling wine, whatever you have chosen. Then add some grapefruit twist, so that it is all garnished pretty.

  1. Sgroppino

This one is a little bit more complicated, but very Italian and delicious.

1/3 cup lemon sorbet
1 oz prosecco
1 oz vodka

Most don’t really think of using sorbet into their cocktails, but you should. It is very delicious and you should be adding it to your drinks tonight.

Here you will need a shaker. If you don’t have one you can use a stainless steel bowl. Put the sorbet and a splash or Prosecco in the shaker/bowl. Whisk them good. While you are whisking start pouring the vodka in the shaker. Then add everything that is left from the Prosecco. Serve in martini glasses. Garnish with some greens.

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