5 Underwear Mistakes that are Bad for Your Health

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When it comes to the things that are bad for one’s health, people are less likely to think of underwear. They would rather think of food, cigarettes and a lifestyle without physical activity. However, underwear can also have some negative effect on a person’s health, especially on a woman’s health.

Today we are going to find out which these mistakes are and this way you will be more likely to avoid them and to protect your health more. So, check out our 5 warnings!

#1 Too tight underwear

The first mistake that a lot of people make, women in particular, is that the underwear they wear is too tight. Some women do not consider this inappropriate since their underwear is hidden under their clothes, so they simply decide to continue wearing it despite the lack of comfort. And if you are one of them, then this is the first mistake you make about your underwear.

This is a threat to your genitals because it may cause some health problems with it. You need to think of your vagina as a very sensitive part of your body because it is. When you notice that your panties leave marks on your skin, stop wearing them. This would be a sign of threat to your genitals.

#2 Wearing no natural fabrics

The next mistake which a lot of women make, and it is often made without even realizing it, is that they do not wear underwear made of natural fabrics. They actually do not realize it because they simply look at the design of the underwear and not of the material that it was made from. This way they could end up damaging their health.

The best kind of fabric for your skin, especially your genitals skin, is cotton – a natural kind of fabric. You may also wear silk in certain occasions because it is also a natural one even if it is not as good as the cotton. So, what you need to remember is not to wear synthetic underwear because it is not a “breathing” kind of underwear which means it is not good for your skin, especially this part of it.

#3 Thongs

Thongs are considered extremely sexy, if not the sexiest type of lingerie. There are a lot of men who simply adore it when women are wearing thongs and that is often why women, who generally do not feel comfortable wearing such kind of underwear, do it.

But even if you really like wearing thongs, or you wear them because you want to look attractive and your underwear not to show through your pants, or skirt, you need to know that they are quite bad for your vagina.

First of all, there could be often be some rubbing between your intimate skin and the thongs you are wearing which means that this makes your skin irritated. The second reason why they are bad for you is that can help the spreading of bacteria while you are wearing them and this could even lead to inflammations.

If you still decide to continue wearing thongs, make sure you choose a design that you feel comfortable wearing and that is made of natural fabrics, like cotton. If you feel any discomfort, you should try another pair of thongs, or simply stop wearing them as a whole. Listen to your body and it will tell you what you need to know.

#4 Not wearing underwear throughout the day

It is true that underwear in a way prevents your intimate skin from breathing, but this does not mean that you should stop wearing underwear. You may wear a breathing type of underwear, but you should never ever not put some panties under your skirt, jeans, or pantyhose.

This may not only cause some rubbing between you clothes and your vagina, which would be bad for it, but it may also lead to some bacterial spreading, inflammation, and even some fungal infections. So, make sure you do not forget your underwear when you go out.

#5 Sweaty underwear

Doing sports is a great activity that helps one keep fit. And when people do sports, they tend to sweat which is absolutely normal. However, you need to be careful about your underwear in such cases. You need to change your underwear every time after a workout, or after sweating too much.

One should do so because leaving your underwear wet is a favorable setting to the appearance of fungus. That is why you need to change your underwear as soon as it gets wet. This way you need to bring with you clean underwear which to put on after a workout. This will do you a great favor, you can be sure about this.

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