5 Unusual Things Men Find Attractive about Women

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When we talk about the things that men find attractive in women, one is most likely to think of a woman’s booty, her breasts, her figure, and so on. Men usually find such kind of features, sensual ones, attractive. Or at least that is what some women think.

It turns out that there are also some untypical things men like about women and today we are going to share them with you. Do you think you could make some wild guesses about which these ones will be? So, let’s see if you were right!

#1 Morning stretching

You may think that your partner likes you the best when you are all dressed-up, but in fact he would be really pleased to see you in your night gown in the morning while you are still sleepy stretching in the bed. If you add to this a subtle smile and messy hair, you can be sure that your guy will feel in heaven.

Another reason why I think guys like morning stretching so much is because this reminds them of the movements of a cat which is considered to be very gracious and probably one of the sexiest animals since a lot of attractive women are often compared to cats. We surely cannot discard it as a possibility.

#2 Messy hair

We have already mentioned the sleepy look in the morning which can turn a guy on easily. And here messy hair is a must. Many women think that if they do not have some hairstyle they do not look good and this way they cannot impress a guy.

However, messy hair really appeals to guys. Even if you decide to have some hairstyle, you can go for a messy bun, loose beach waves, or another such unstrict kind of hairstyle. This way you can mostly impress a guy, especially if you let your hair loose.

#3 Natural looks

There are a lot of women who have implants in their breasts, their booties, or their lips. There are also a lot of women who cannot go out without wearing a ton of makeup on their face. These women think that this is the right way to impress a guy probably, but they would be wrong. In fact, men prefer natural looks.

One of the things that drives men mad is when their shirt is stained with some foundation while they were cuddling their partner, or date. Men actually notice when women are wearing too much makeup one and this does not appeal to them. They are definitely fans of no-makeup makeup (even if they think a woman has no makeup at all).

The same goes for the implants. Most men do not approve of it and they prefer natural and tight bodies than fake ones. And speaking of body shapes, here is the next really surprising thing men find attractive about women.

#4 Rounded tummy

Surprise, surprise! It turns out that not all men are fans of the super-flat and tight 6-pack belly. They rather prefer it when a woman has a rounded tummy with some flab even.

Of course, this does not mean that men like huge bellies, or that you should stop doing your daily crunches. It means that this is another signs that men are not into perfection no matter how long we believed in this thing for. Imperfections are those things that make us beautiful and … perfect.

#5 Wrinkles

If you ask a random woman whether she thinks wrinkles are sexy, or whether they are a flaw which needs to be fixed, you are very likely to be given the second option as an answer. Some women could even receive a nervous breakdown when they notice some wrinkles on their face.

However, some men do not care as much about them as women. They even find them attractive. This is because wrinkles actually are a sign of maturity, wisdom, and life experience to them. So, girls, do you still think you should worry so much about your wrinkles?

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