5Female Fashion Trends Men Hate

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One of the easiest ways to pick up a guy is to look good. Men usually notice how a woman looks and then they decide whether they want to continue getting to know her personality or not. It is sad, but in most cases this is true. So, women need to be careful about their looks, especially when it comes to their love life.

Clothes are also an important part of this choice, so a girl needs to know what men love seeing women wear and what they cannot stand. Today we have prepared for you some of the female fashion trends that put off men the most. The next time you go out with a guy you will know what to avoid wearing.

#1 Push-up bras

Push-up bras are some women’s best friend, because they make them feel more confident and comfortable in their own bodies. However, this does not mean that men are also thrilled about this fashion item. It is true that a lot of men like big busts, but they do not like to be tricked. If they expect something and it turns out that the reality is different, they will be disappointed and this can really put them off. It is better to be yourself if you want a man to like you for the person you are.

#2 Too bright colors

Spring and summer are a good time to freshen up one’s closet and to start wearing colorful clothes. This will surely attract some looks, but it does not necessarily mean that some people are going to approve of this colorful style. Men, for example, are not thrilled to be with a girl who is wearing too colorful clothes.

Looking like a rainbow would surely not make you a star in the eyes of the opposite sex. Such kinds of clothes remind of a person with some issues and men might even get scared a little. So, be careful with your color combinations when going out on a date.

#3 Too high heels

Yes, yes, men are crazy about high heels and they absolutely adore them. However, when a girl is wearing too high heels they may fell a little disturbed. This goes especially for those men who have some issues with their height and hate it when a girl is taller than them. Then they feel a little insecure.

You need to choose your shoes carefully when you are going on a date, because it is best when you feel comfortable and make the person with you feel comfortable as well. Some women put on too high heels and they can hardly walk normally in them which is definitely not a pretty picture. Have this in mind the next time you choose your shoes for a date.

#4 Boyfriend style

High fashion could be all about androgyneity, but we cannot say the same thing about men. They in general like feminine women – ones who wear feminine clothes, like skirts and dresses, or clothes that accentuate their curves. So, we cannot blame them that they are not into the boyfriend style.

This means that if you want to impress a guy, it is best not to dress like him, but be feminine. You can be sure that he will like this. And if you have boyfriend-style clothes, then save them for some other occasion.

#5 Clothes that do not suit a woman’s age

Teenage girls want to grow up quickly so that they can do whatever they want and their parents not to be able to forbid them things. That is why they often dress not for their age. On the other side are the women who want to look younger and they again do not dress for their age trying to look like teenagers.

We could say that men are not crazy about both groups’ styles. They want to see women dressing for their own age and not to try to be younger or older. This is surely much more attractive for them and not phoniness. So, remember that it is always best to dress for your own age.

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