5Real Places Bookworms Would Love to Visit

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If you ask a person what the best present for a bookworm is, you would most likely be answered “a book”. However, there is another present people who love reading books would be thrilled to get. And this is a visit to some of the real places mentioned in books. There is a thing that connects fiction to reality the best, and this is real-life inspiration.

A lot of writers have been inspired by actual events and places and they have written about them in books. And if one really wants to feel the events happening in a given book, visiting a certain place is very likely to give them this feeling of connection. Today we have decided to share with you a list of places one could visit if they simply adore reading books.

#1 King’s Cross Station, London

The first place that is in our list is simply an iconic railway station – King’s Cross. And this is not because of some actual even, but because this is a very important station mentioned in a book. Every Harry Potter fan would immediately discover that this is the station from where Harry catches every year the train to Hogwarts. If you visit it, you will surely not be able to go through platform 9 ¾ and to visit the wizards’ school, but you will be able to feel the actual atmosphere mentioned in the book.

#2 Great Neck, New York

If you have always love the novel “Great Gatsby”, then you love to see the places mentioned in the book. Of course, East Egg and West Egg are fictional settings, but still their creation was inspired by actual setting and this is New York. Actually, the region Great Neck on Long Island is said to be the actual place behind West Egg. This is also the place where F. S. Fitzgerald lived with his wife in a big house. This house still exists today, so you can go and visit it.

#3 Plaza Fernández de Madrid, Colombia

Colombia is a beautiful country with amazing nature and people. And if you are still wondering about another reason to visit it, then maybe the world famous book “Love in Time of Cholera” will be it. One of the key events in the book, when the two protagonists, Florentino and Fermina, see each other for the first time is at her house on the Park of the Evangels.

This park could have a fictional name, but in reality Gabriel Garcia Marquez was inspired to create it by an actual place. And this place still exists today. This is Plaza Fernàndez de Madrid. If you visit it, you will get the feeling that you are there together with Florentino and Fermina witnessing their pure love. So, what greater inspiration than love and literature?! And let’s just not mention the beautiful landscape.

#4 Petra, Jordan

If you only see picture of this historical city, you are quite likely to be inspired to go there. This place can really make you feel you are not only in another part of the world, different from the one you live in, but it will also make you feel like you have accidentally jumped in the past, at times when there was no electricity and people’s homes were not made of cement and concrete.

There is also another reason why you may be inspired to visit Petra. And this is the fact that Petra was the setting of books, like “Dourado” and “Those who dream by day”. And if you are looking for another inspiration, then you should know that one of the scenes in “Indiana Jones and the last Crusade” was shot there as well.

#5 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If you are a Twilight’s fan, then the first thing that will pop in your mind when you hear “Brazil” and a book setting would probably be Edward and Bella’s honeymoon destination. This is Isle Esme where they spend their honeymoon in a beautiful beach house.

Of course, this isle is fictional, but what we also know from the book that this place is located in Brazil, and more specifically near Rio de Janeiro. There are actually three islands that are a part of Rio and these are Paquetá Island, Fiscal Island, and Cagarras Island. Still Paquetà Island is the one which is most likely to be the right spot behind the fictional Isle Esme.

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