6 Beauty Problems Only Women Understand

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There are some things guys just do not understand. Girls have more problems then guys would ever have. This is why they just do not understand why women are late, or moody. Here are top 6 beauty problems only women understand, but it is about time men accept them also as problems.

1. Running late because your liner is uneven

And that is something huge. How can anyone walk in the street with two different wings on the eyes? So, you just start doing it anew and try as many times as it has to until it is not perfect. This problem is definitely worth waiting for. And besides, being fashionably late is a total plus.

2. Not leaving your home with wet hair

If you are in a hurry and you do not have time to completely dry your hair when it is cold outside you may have serious hair problems. The cold will make your hair less pliable and more prone to breakage. It may even fall down, or at least some of it. So, do not get out of your house if it is not completely dry.

3. Getting a new haircut

Only a girl can understand what this feels like. You leave the salon with a beautifully blown hair, you feel absolutely glamorous, like a star. A few days later you realize that your hair is not a gorgeous as it was when you left the salon. Then you realize it is shorter then you wanted or not with the right shape. If a guy sees you worrying about your hair, he can even laugh at you. What do they understand?

4. Missing a spot in the back of your hair while straightening it

You have just finished straightening your hair and you leave your house. Then you see your reflection and you realize you have missed a section of hair in the back of your head while you were straightening it. When you are doing it on your own there is no way you can see what happens in your back. In this case you could try using two mirrors to have a better view.

5. Rubbing your eyes when you are wearing eye makeup

It’s Friday night and you are out clubbing. Of course, you have put on every piece of makeup you found at home – mascara, eyeliner, and even eyeshadows. Then while you are having a great time partying you suddenly forget about your makeup and you rub your eye… A complete disaster! You look like somebody punched you in the face or you are wearing a mask that for some reason looks like a raccoon.

6. Having to change your clothes after putting on makeup

You have already started putting on makeup when you suddenly realize you have to change your clothes. With your jeans it is easy but how on earth will you change your blouse without messing up your makeup? You just have to fix it, or tear down your blouse. Next time change before you start doing your makeup or just wear a shirt with buttons, so there in no piece of fabric getting in touch with your face.

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