6 Body Areas Prone To Dry Skin

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Don’t get me wrong – I love winter! But there are certain things I hate that cold weather does to my body. One of those things is how dry my skin gets when fall and winter come. When October comes I start using hand cream on a daily basis and the body lotion becomes my best friend. I have found out that there are certain body areas that you won’t expect to get affected by the weather, but still they get really dry and this can be quite irritating and uncomfortable. Which are these areas, I will show you below:

Elbows are maybe the more expected body parts. Elbows tend to be very dry throughout the whole year, but with the cold weather the problems gets more serious. To prevent your elbows from getting dry, you should apply body lotion or hand cream on the area all year round. I have noticed that foot cream works best if your elbows are really dry become it’s meant to work on really dry and cracked skin. You can also try with body oil after shower and let it soak in your skin for a couple of minutes. The same thing goes for knees as the skin is almost the same as the elbows’.

Lips are also one of the most common dry spots no matter if it’s summer or winter. You can protect your lips by using lip balm daily and by exfoliating them every weak. You can make an exfoliator yourself with some honey and brown sugar – just mix even parts of both and apply on your lips. Scrub them for a couple of minutes, rinse with hot water and apply balm or honey to protect them while they’re sensitive. Also, drink a lot of water to prevent cracking.

Your eyelids can get dry, too! It may sound odd, but eyelids get dry mostly because of the alcohol on the makeup removal products we use. The only solution to this problem is using fewer products with alcohol and applying eye shadow base before the actual eye shadow.

Dry knuckles are relatively easy to treat if you apply hand cream on a daily basis and you protect your hands with gloves in winter. Also, use gloves when you use chemical and you do housework. Soap can make your skin really dry so be sure to apply a think moisturizer every time you wash your hands. Also, you can try with home hand treatments if you need deep hydration.

Underarms actually are one of the more sensitive parts of your body. They get more sensitive with climate change and depending on the fabrics you are wearing. To avoid dry and irritated underarms, search for a deodorant with moisturizing effect that will help you stay dry and fresh, but at the same time moisturize your skin and keep it from getting red and sensitive.

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