6 Concealer Hacks to Try ASAP

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Nowadays concealer plays a huge part in one’s makeup routine because it hides dark circles and any other blemishes, like zits, people have on their skin. There are, however, some women who cannot use properly concealer.

And this is not because they do not use the best products, but often because they do not know the subtleties of applying concealer.

To help you in this task, we have prepared for you a few concealer hacks to try out in order to get the best concealer application ever. Check them out!

#1 Moisturize

The first thing you need to do before you apply any kind of makeup on is to moisturize well your facial skin. A lot of people forget to do it and that is why they have dry skin and wonder why makeup smudges or does not last that long. The first two steps of applying makeup is always to wash your face and apply moisturizer afterwards.

#2 Apply primer

The next thing which is as well very important to do before you apply concealer is to use primer. Primers help makeup last longer and apart from that they smooth out the skin and neutralize a little the bad effect concealers and especially foundations have on the skin, like clogging pores. If you want to achieve a good concealer coverage, make sure you prime your face.

#3 Hide dark circles like a pro

The next trick which you need to apply is perfect for those of you who have really dark circles under the eyes. This problem is a very common one but it is also difficult to be dealt with straight away.

That is why women continue hiding their dark circles with makeup. If you have tried doing so using only concealer, you have probably noticed that it does not help but it rather makes the circles visible. Usually dark circles have blue-purplish color.

And if you want to hide them completely, you need to neutralize their color by using some orange shade. You could use eyeshadow, even lipstick to do so. After you have applied primer you need to apply the orange hue and to blend it on your under-eye circles. Then you can apply the concealer and you will see that this way dark circles will not be visible compared to applying only concealer.

#4 Stop concealer creasing with setting powder

You probably all know how important setting powder is for setting one’s makeup up, but you probably have had no idea that it is that much important for preventing your concealer from creasing. The more one wears their makeup, the more it creases, which is absolutely normal since we are people and we talk and express emotions on our faces, but nobody likes their makeup to be in lines.

If you do not want this to happen to your concealer ever again, you can try this simple hack. After you have applied the concealer, you need to blend it perfectly so there are not smudges. Once you are satisfied with the result you immediately need to cover the concealed area with setting powder. Apply a generous layer with tapping movements and the powder will set the concealer. This way your makeup will be creasing-free.

#5 Find the best concealer formula for you

Sometimes you may not be satisfied with your concealer because the formula does not suit your skin. If you have dry skin you should definitely use liquid concealer and not a crayon one, for example. The liquid ones will help your under-eye skin stay moisturized and thus the coverage will look smoother and flawless.

#6 Fix some makeup mistakes with concealer

The next thing you could use concealer for is to actually fix some of the mistakes made while applying makeup. For example, if you have applied eyeliner but your hand has trembled a little and there is an uneven part of the line, then you can fix it with some concealer. Just use a flat angular brush and some concealer and slightly correct the flaw of your eyeliner. It will be nice and straight.

The same applies for lipsticks. If you have not applier your lipstick the way you want it to be and some of it has slightly gone out of your lips, you could easily cover this mistake by applying some concealer again. Use the same flat angular brush and move slightly over the part of the lipstick which has come out of the lip area. Then apply some more lipstick on your lips once again and your lips will look flawless once again.

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