6 Items You Need to Take out of Your Wardrobe This Year

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Every new year is a reason to start one’s life anew. There could be some things that hold you back and get in your way of happiness. Of course, this would hardly go for your clothes, but it is surely another great reason to remove all of the unnecessary items from your wardrobe and to put some new ones in it.

Today we have prepared for you a list of stuff which you do not need this year. And as soon as you take them out of your wardrobe, you will have more space for new and useful items. Here is our list!

#1 Clothes that do not fit you

One of the items that you definitely need to take out of your wardrobe, and thus your home, is clothes that do not fit you. If you think about it, there are definitely some items that you keep at home which you hope that will fit you once again.

Well, it does not matter whether this will happen or not, it is best not to keep items which hopefully will fit you in the future. You will then get yourself some new ones.

Meanwhile you can sell the clothes that no longer fit you, or you can give them away. There are a lot of people who cannot afford to buy new clothes every now and then. They will be glad to receive some present from you. So, make sure you consider this step.

#2 Old underwear

There are a lot of women who love buying new underwear every month, some even more often than that, but they continue keeping their old underwear at home. There are also other women who like their underwear and keep wearing it for years even though it is already too loose and not that attractive.

If you have such underwear items, it is best to give them for recycling and to get yourself some new pieces of underwear. Treating yourself with some new pieces of underwear from time to time can do a lot of good to your confidence and your sexual life, you can be sure about that.

#3 Thorn pieces

The next item, which I definitely consider an essential one to remove from your wardrobe is clothes with holes in them. Surely it is good for the environment to wear clothes as long as possible and to wear second-hand clothes, but it does not mean that wearing clothes until they turn into some tatter.

You can help the environment by giving clothes with holes in them for recycling. But definitely you should quit wearing them up to a point. And also make sure you do not stack them in your wardrobe so that you do not have enough space for your new items.

#4 Uncomfortable shoes

The next item which you definitely should consider removing from your wardrobe and home in general is uncomfortable shoes. There are some amazing shoe designs which unfortunately could be very uncomfortable. Some women decide to continue wearing them but they do not realize how bad this is for their feet.

It is bad for one’s health and it could lead to some other serious problems in the future. You can give them away if someone else will find them comfortable, or if they are pretty you could even sell them to earn some money.

#5 Old woolen sweaters

The next item which you can consider getting rid of is woolen sweaters which are so old that are completely covered in small woolen balls. There is a useful hack which you can try to remove these balls of wool as well – by razoring them.

But if the sweaters are so old that there are so many balls which are hard to be removed, then the time of getting rid of these sweaters has come. You can again recycle them, or you can wear them at home, but make sure you do not leave your home with such sweater on. They are not the most flattering pieces.

#6 Too many identical items

The final type of items in our list which is definitely worth taking out of your wardrobe are items which are identical. There are a lot of people who like wearing particular type of clothes and they continue buying the same patterns, models, or fabrics.

Some people even have several items which are exactly the same. There is nothing wrong with having a particular style, but this does not mean wearing the same clothes over and over again. You can keep a couple of these items, and give away the rest, or recycle them – whichever you find more suitable and moral.

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