6 Of The Most Interesting Festivals Around The World

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You are young, you are free and you want to do something wild before you are too old and mature. So, you are ready for some of the wildest and most interesting festivals in the world. Underwater, above the sky, or on ground, people have different ways of celebrating. Here are some of these festivals, so do not forget to book a ticket for next time.

Underwater Music Festival in Florida Keys, USA

The first of the festivals brings us underwater. It will be on July 11, 2015. The aim of the festival, except from having fun and trying something new, it to draw people’s attention to preservation of the reef and how divers can help.

The International High Line Meeting Festival, Monte Piana, Italy

From down the water, we go up in the sky. This festival is for those of you who are not afraid of heights not only because you will be on top of a mountain but because you will be hanging and sleeping in a hammock. Let’s hope that people there do not toss and turn at night. But at least they will have a gorgeous view.

Dia De Los Muertos Parade, Mexico

In other words, this is the festival of the dead. Every year families gather to celebrate the death of their loved ones. But do not think they are weeping and are dressed in black. They actually paint their faces and dress colorfully. Even children have fun because they eat lollipops and chocolate bars in the shapes of skulls and coffins.

Ɓgitagueda Art Festival, Portugal

This festival is a bit different from the others because it is not as wild or unusual as the others. But it will make you feel like you are in wonderland. Just imagine hundreds of umbrellas protecting you from the sun. These umbrellas float in the air over one of the streets. And the best part is that they are in different vibrant colors.

Els Enfarinats Festival With A Flour And Egg Battle, Spain

Flour and eggs? Your first thought most probably is cooking and something delicious, however, people in Spain do not think so. They do not use flour and eggs only for cooking. Each year Spain is the host of flour and egg battle. Except from spending some good time, they also raise money for charity.

Yi Peng Lantern Festival, Thailand

Every year the sky over Thailand is lighted by hundreds of lanterns. This is a view definitely worth seeing. This is their kind of prayer for happiness and luck. Thai people have a deep connection with light. They also release lotus-shaped lanterns on water. This is very spiritual and peaceful celebration.

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