6 Rules French Girls Follow for Perfect Figures

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If you ask random people on the street where the fittest women in the world live, you are most likely to be answered – France. If there really is a place where women with overall great bodies live, then you can be sure that this is France. French women are famous for having great fashion style and great body figures.

Today we have decided to find out which their secrets for fit bodies are and to help you have the same magnificent effect. And you can be sure that you will both feel well and feel pretty following these rules. Here they are!

#1 Do not grab a bite

French girls tend only to have meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They do not eat in between meals which helps them do not spoil their appetite. This way they also do not eat junk food, because everything that one can eat walking is excluded from French girls’ menu. If you do the same, then you will be one step closer to looking like a French girl. Isn’t it great?

#2 Do not talk about diets or your weight

The next rule which you should follow if you want to have a French-type of body is not to talk about diets and your weight. If you think about it, women all over the world like to complain about their weight and they talk a lot about the diets they have tried – which were the ones that worked and those that did not. This is not something you should do if you want to have good body figure.

First of all, you should never complain about your body. You need to learn how to like it the way it is and to feel comfortable in it. And secondly, you need to stop talking about diets, because it shows that you do not like your body and that you do not give it every kind of food it needs.

#3 Do not end a dessert after a three-course meal

French girls do not avoid eating sweet things, but they avoid eating desserts, especially when their meal was two or three-course one. This is because they are full and the additional calories will be added to their hips of booty. It is better to leave the cake for the time when you are hungry and not full already. This way you will still have the chance to enjoy some sweets and to have a good figure.

#4 Drink black coffee

This is another essential rule that is part of French girls’ menus – they do not add any milk or cream to their coffees, not to mention sugar. They drink their coffees black and strong. This way they are best able to wake up in the morning and still have lovely figures. So, if you want to be like them, then you need to forget about Lattes or Mochas, and stick to black coffee.

#5 Walk

If you are not too much of a fan of any sports, then you would be glad to follow this rule. French girls walk whenever they get the chance, so you can do the same. If you are not in a hurry, for example, then you may skip taking the bus, and have a walk for some time. You may simply take the bus from the next stop. Just do not forget to walk as much as possible. This way you will burn calories (it does not matter they will not be that many) and you will keep your body fit.

#6 Avoid eating bread, rice, or pasta

Last, but not least, if you want to have a French girl’s body, then you need to have the same diet. French girls avoid eating foods, like pasta, bread, and rice. They stick to fresh fruits and vegetables and they also eat a lot of boiled eggs. Eggs in general are good for human bodies and people should include them in their diets regularly. They have a lot of healthy ingredients and do not contain a lot of calories, which is good for staying both healthy and having a nice figure. Just like French ladies.

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