6 Simple Responses that Will Stop Gossiping

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Nowadays it is almost inevitable not to gossip. This is simply because it is inevitable not to talk about other people when you are with friends and acquaintances. But some people just go too far with their criticism and mocking. This way one may end up in a situation a person they like and respect is being talked about behind their back.

It is needless to say that the situation would be awkward and unpleasant and that is why it would be best to change the subject or just to stop the gossips in some way. And if you are wondering how to do it, then check these ideas that will help you stop other people from gossiping.

#1 Answer with something positive

People have their good and bad sides and this is what makes us humans. So, when somebody starts gossiping about a person you like, or you simply start feeling uncomfortable by this conversation, you may answer back with an example about this person’s positive qualities.

They may have done something good for you, so give it as an example. This is a good way to stop gossiping because the other person who have started it is likely to feel uncomfortable to continue with the gossips. This could be even considered as a psychological trick to stop the gossips.

#2 Give an example about cultural differences

People are different and this is a good thing because it would not only be boring, but absolutely dreadful if everybody was the same. That is why some people may not approve of another person’s actions and may judge them too hard about it and they may talk about them behind their back.

And you can use their differences as a way to stop the gossips. You can give an example about other people who have done the same thing, or you could refer to this person’s background. After all, one’s behavior is linked to their childhood and the family they were raised in. This is another good way to stop the gossips.

#3 Refer to some missing information

Another way to stop the annoying gossips about a person is to point out at some of the information you do not know about. There are at least two points of view to all stories. And that is why the people who are gossiping may not know all the information. Are they completely sure that this is the whole truth? Isn’t it something missing?

Sometimes people act in certain ways because they are sad, or depressed, or simply act on impulse. This is no reason to judge them because it could happen to all of us. After all we are people and making mistakes is one of the inevitable in a person’s life. So, you also need to have this in mind when you or your friends start gossiping about a person.

#4 Confront the gossiper

The main thing about gossips is that they spread really, really fast. And imagine what will happen if this information is not genuine. Some person’s reputation may be ruined. This could ruin their relations with another person and can cause a lot of troubles even.

That is why you may simply confront the gossiper and ask them why they are doing this. Point out to the fact that this may ruin somebody’s life and prestige. People can often be very rude, so sometimes it is better to confront them and tell them to stop these rumors.

#5 Change the subject

Personally I find this the best way to stop a person from gossiping when you are together. You need simply to change the subject. There are a lot of ways you could do it. You could pretend that you your phone is ringing, that you saw an acquaintance of yours, or that you accidentally remembered something important to tell this person.

Of course, if you change the subject you will not have the opportunity to confront the gossiper and to tell them to stop spreading rumors. So, you need to have in mind the situation you are in. This could be an easy way, but not the best to stop the gossips, so be careful if you choose it.

#6 Turn the gossip into a cry for help

People could act foolishly. They could act even immorally in some situations. And this often gives other people a chance to gossip. But think about it. Why these people act so foolishly? Isn’t it actually a cry for help? They may go through some bad stage in their lives and their actions to be a reflection of their problems. You may tell the gossiper this. Point out the fact they may be suffering without even realizing it and that gossiping about it is not the best solution. This person may simply need help and understanding, so consider this as well.

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