6 Spring Manicure Trends for 2018

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Just like fashion trends, there are manicure trends which are in fashion every year. And since there are different colors which suit a certain season better than other colors, for example, there are also trends which correspond to the given season.

That is why there are manicure trends which are part of this season’s general trends and we have listed some of them for you today. You can try the ones which appeal to you and match your style the most. Check them out!

#1 Petals

The first of the trends which we have included in our list is probably inspired by the spring season and the blooming and reviving of the trees. If you want to have a trendy manicure this season, you can try out one with green petals.

You can have some base and then to draw a set of three green petals on the tips of your fingernails. This is an easy type of manicure which is also fresh and suitable for the season. You can definitely try it out.

#2 Gilded nails

The next manicure trend this season is again not a difficult one to try on your own. All you need to do is apply nail polish in some golden color and you will already be trendy. The good thing about gilded type of nail polishes is that they can easily match any skin complexion and are very glamorous.

They are perfect for some fancy party, but at the same time can suit some working environment, especially if the hue is not over-the-top one.

#3 Blue fingernail tips

The next manicure trend which you can try out this season is inspired by a color which is very dear to a lot of people – blue. The special thing about the trend is that the fingernails are not in blue from top to bottom, but only the tips of the nails are in blue.

There are two particular manicure types which you can try. The first one is a typical French manicure with the tips of the fingernails in blue. And the other one is waves instead of smooth lines. You can draw them again on the tip of your nails but pointy ones. Both are top trends at the moment so whichever you choose it will be great.

#4 Statement manicure

People have been wearing statement clothes and accessories for a long time now. There are also a lot of clothes with funny or meaningful statements on them. You can do the same with your manicure. You can actually write some phrases which you like on your fingernails. The rest is up to you and your imagination.

#5 Cat-eye manicure

When makeup-obsessed people think of cat eyes, they usually think of eyeliner types. However, this manicure trend does not have anything to do with eyeliners. In fact, it is only about the straightforward meaning of the phrase “cat eyes”. You know what type of eye shape cats eyes have, right? So the same type of shape corresponds to the manicure decoration on your fingernails.

You can do it by matching two colors. One of them to be the base color in which to color all your nails and the other one the color which to create the cat eye shape with. You need to wait for the first layer of nail polish to get dry before you move on to applying the second color and you also need to make sure the second color is darker than the first one.

#5 Neon toenails

The next manicure trend for the season is one which is getting us closer and closer to the summer season because it is actually a pedicure trend. In the spring there are days which are very warm, just like summer days.

That is why you also need to get your feet ready for the season by trying some of the pedicure trends. One of this season’s pedicure trends are neon colors. If you like bright colors, then you definitely can try this trend during the current season.

#6 Nudes and metals

The next manicure idea which is one of the current trends is a combination of two colors – nude and metals. They complement each other very well. You can apply some nude color as a main one on your nails and then to apply some metallic silver nail polish as decoration. It could be some straight vertical or horizontal lines, or some other decoration which you consider suitable, or which you like better.

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