6 Things Bad for Your Skin Which You had No Idea About

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Which is this part of a woman’s body, which reveals her age? You may say hair which has turned gray, but actually a woman can dye her hair and thus she will hide the thing that reveals her age. So, hair is not the one thing that can tell the people around you how old you are. Then what is it? It is your skin. If you are a teenager, you could have acne, and if you are getting older you can have wrinkles here are there. So, skin is the main blabber that you can to keep under control if you want always to have flawless skin.

A lot of women, however, do not realize there are some everyday habits that are really bad for one’s skin, but women keep doing them, because they had no idea these things were bad for their skin. If you want people to think that your look young no matter how old you are getting, then you need to forget about these bad routine habits, which ruin the health of your skin day by day. Here they are!

#1 Speaking on the phone

Speaking on the phone seems harmless in general, but not if you do not disinfect it first. In fact, research has shown there are more bacteria on your phone, than on the toilet seat in your apartment, so you can already imagine how much bacteria are crawling there regularly. And these bacteria are transferred to your face every time you pick up the phone. This, of course, does not mean that you should stop talking on the phone. You just need to make sure you clean it with a wipe or some kind of disinfectant at least once a day. This way you will easily keep your face clean away from bacteria.

#2 Taking hot showers

Taking a hot shower after a long and hard day in the office is a great way to relax, especially in the winter. This is also because it is a great way to warm up your body. As much as it can be nice and relaxing, however, hot showers are extremely bad for your skin. When you treat your body with hot water you actually remove the natural oils it has, which means that your skin is getting drier and drier. Make sure you take cool showers. And if you want to warm yourself after work, have a hot cup of tea instead. And speaking of drinks…

#3 Coffee

Coffee is delicious. A lot of people cannot start their day without a cup of coffee, because they just do not have the energy to do it. Well, if you can skip drinking coffee, you would do a favor to your skin. The main reason for this is because coffee dehydrates your body. You have probably noticed that the more coffee you drink, the more you go to the loo. Dehydration, however, is not good for your skin, because it ages it. If you still cannot stop drinking coffee, just make sure you get plenty of water everyday, no exceptions.

#4 Squeezing your zits

A lot of people think that this is the fastest way to get rid of all the annoying zits on one’s face, but in fact, the result is the opposite. When you squeeze the zits, you open up your pores, which are already irritated by some bacteria. And if you squeeze it you can inflame it even more. To stop this habit of yours, clean your skin instead and apply face cream regularly on it. There are some homemade remedies which will help you have less pimples and zits.

#5 Not getting enough sleep

A lot of people only think that the less they sleep, the more dark circles they will have under their eyes. In fact, lack of sleep does not only result in under-eye bags. You have probably noticed that when you sleep less, your whole face looks puffy and you appear somewhat sick. The worst part is that when this happens regularly. If you regularly sleep less than 6 hours per day, you will soon notice how tired your skin would start looking. You can easily avoid this by sleeping at least 7-8 hours a day.

#6 Face towels

There are a lot of people who use the same towel for hands, but when it comes to face towels, you should never share it with anyone else. There is nothing wrong in using a face towel after you have washed your face, but the important part here is that you should not use the same towel more than once. You need to make sure your towel is absolutely clean before you use it in order to prevent any kinds of bacteria spreading on your face after the first time you have used the towel.

Beautiful healthy  face of the young pretty white woman with fresh skin - isolated on white

Beautiful healthy face of the young pretty white woman with fresh skin – isolated on white

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