6 Things Men Would Not Want to Find in a Woman’s Bedroom

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Nowadays there are hardly any taboos about intimate life when it comes to the western world. People can learn a lot of spicy things from the internet unlike in the past when such kind of information did not exist. Still there are some things which people do not talk about much because they find them insignificant or at least not that important.

Today we are going to reveal you a thing or two about a certain topic – a woman’s bedroom and a man’s thoughts about it. Have you ever thought what a man would think when they enter your bedroom? Do you think that he will like it or that his opinion about you will change? Well, now we are going to give you answers to these questions. Here is a list of things men hardly want to see in a woman’s bedroom.

#1 Messy and filthy room

This is one of the worst things that a man can find in a woman’s room – the room to be absolutely messy and very filthy. We all know that anyone can skip tidying up their room every now and then, but one should never let this show, especially when a boy is about to go there.

Boys may be messy themselves but they will be quite disgusted if they find a girl’s room full of dust, scattered dirty laundry, rubbish on the floor, and so on. Oh, you can be sure that is quite off-putting. Even if your room is not spotless filth, dust, rubbish, and dirty laundry should never be found there.

#2 Girly, pink, childish bedroom

The next thing that could make a man change his opinion about a girl is the very decoration of the room. We all know that women can be girly and sweet, and that they could have some stuffed animals or something pink in there room, but it surely should not be too much.

If a boy enters in a pink room with a lot of hearts, stuffed animals, and some other girly things, he is likely to feel a bit uncomfortable. The whole interior of the room will show him that this girl has not grown up yet and he would probably not want to have a serious relationship with her. So, think about whether your room is not a similar over-the-top one.

#3 A pet or pet’s fur

The next thing that would not appeal to most men is finding a pet or pet’s fur in the girl’s bed. There are some men who are not crazy about animals and some that are totally disgusted by animals’ poop and fur that they would hardly find the idea of a dog, cat, or some furry pet sleeping in the girl’s bed cute or appealing. If you have a pet and you are about to invite a guy at home, make sure your bedroom is spotless and there is no sign of the pet in it, just to be on the safe side.

#4 His pictures all over the walls

If the guy you have invited at home is your boyfriend, there is nothing wrong with having a picture or two pinned on the wall. However, if you have just started dating and you already have dozens of photos of this guy in your room, he will definitely find it strange and a little creepy.

Even if you like this guy that much, you still should not scare him by this over-the-top expression of your feelings. And speaking of picture, here is another thing that a guy would find intimidating in a girl’s bedroom.

#5 Her father’s picture on the night stand

The next thing that a guy would find quite intimidating is the position of a certain picture in a girl’s bedroom. There are a lot of people that keep pictures of their loved ones on their night stands, but if a guy sees a picture of the girl’s father on the night stand, he will hardly like it. It is better not to keep pictures of your family too close to your bed where you know what is going to happen.

#6 Dishes

There are a lot of people who find it perfectly fine to eat in their room. Of course, as a result the room could get pretty messy but it is a person’s choice whether to eat there or not. However, if a person goes into a bedroom and sees some dishes there, you can be sure that this is quite off-putting.

Even if it is a cup with some of your morning coffee there, it is still unpleasant and it will not leave a good impression with a guy, or even another guest visiting your room as a matter of fact. So, make sure there are no dishes left there.

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