6 Ways to Have Incredibly Romantic Dates at Home

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A lot of people think that winter is not the season of love, just because people cannot go out and express their love in public places. That is also why a lot of people leave dating to the warmer seasons of the year. They prefer to stay at home and relax instead of being with their partner somewhere cold.

Well, we do not agree with this. After all St. Valentine’s Day is in the winter, but people still do not stop loving each other just because it is cold. And we still sympathize with people who do not feel like going out in the winter, so today we have prepared for them some quite romantic date ideas without leaving your home.

#1 Movie night

Instead of having a movie marathon on your own, why do not you have it with your partner? Find out which are the movies you both like and spend a couple of hours cuddling on the sofa, while it is snowing outside. You can even drink some wine together. A lot of couple complain about having different movie tastes, but there for sure will be a movie that you both like. Or you can watch some of the old classics that have won Oscars. It could be one of the most romantic dates you have ever had.

#2 Have a drink on the deck

After a long day at work there is nothing better than drinking a glass of wine or a hot beverage in the company of the person you love, and listening to the night sounds in front of your home. If you do not have a deck to sit there, you can do it on your balcony, but the effect would be just as good. And if it is cold outside you will have the chance to snuggle together probably sharing a blanket, which will make your date even more romantic.

#3 Cook something together

Cooking is one of the activity which relaxes a lot of people. That is why instead of ordering a dinner, you can cook it yourselves, but do not forget to share the experience with your partner as well. This activity can bring you closer and can really make your day. You can have a really good laugh about it if your dinner does not turn up the way you expected.

#4 Go through memory boxes

This idea for a home date is more suitable for long-term relationships, when the couple has gone through a lot of memories. And this is when you can have a memory night. Grab one of your photo albums, or some memory box if you have, and laugh about your memories together. They will make you remember your first date, your first kiss, the wedding. And in fact they can bring you even closer, because you will remember all the things you have been through.

#5 Build a snowman or play in the leaves

Depending on the season, you can have a pretty interesting date. Playing in the leaves or building a snowman are both childhood activities which grown-ups love doing even they do not admit it sometimes. If you have such a “childhood” date with your partner you will probably remember it as long as you live, because it would be fun, careless and with the person you love.

#6 Dance

We know that a lot of men are not much into dancing, they are embarrassed that they are not doing it right, or that they will make a fool of themselves. Well, since you will be alone at home, why do not have a dance? There will be no one watching and you can relax without worrying that your dance should be perfect. And not only this, but dancing will bring you closer – both literary and figuratively.

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