6 Ways to Use Baby Powder in Your Beauty Routine

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There are a lot of hacks women use both in their beauty and makeup routines. And the interesting thing about these hacks is that one can use things they did not expect to use for a certain purpose. Baby powder, for example, is one of these things which take part in a lot of women’s beauty and makeup routine.

Some people may think that baby powder is only for babies, but this is not true. It could come in handy in a lot of cases. Today we are going to show you 6 ways you can use baby powder in your everyday life and why it is good to have it at home.

#1 Use it as a dry shampoo

This is the most popular use of baby powder when it comes to beauty tricks and hacks. There are more and more girls who have started using baby powder instead of a dry shampoo. When you do not have time to wash your hair, but it is greasy and you do not want to feel uncomfortable, you could apply some baby powder in the roots of your hair, where it is the greasiest.

Then you need to rub it into the hair and this is it. After that the powder will work its “magic” – it will absorb the extra oils from your hair and it will make it look nice and clean as if you have washed it. You only need to make sure you rub the powder well into your hair so there are no traces left from it.

#2 Give some volume to your lashes

The next dry shampoo use is also very popular among some makeup artists. You can actually use baby powder to make your lashes more voluminous. The thing that you have to do is to apply a coat of mascara on your lashes, then to apply some baby powder on the lashes and finish by applying another coat of mascara. You will immediately see the difference and that your lashes have more volume because of the baby powder.

#3Untie your necklaces

All girls who have a lot of necklaces and long earring know that if you keep all of them in a jewelry box, sooner or later you will have to untie them from the ball they have all turned into. The next time you have this problem you may use some baby powder to help you in the task. Just sprinkle some of it on the knots you are trying to untie and this task will be much easier for you to complete. This is because the powder will loosen up the knots.

#4 Remove oil spots from your clothes

We all have probably had the infortune to accidentally spill some drink or food sauce on our clothes. The bad part is that if one is not at home during the accident, they may end up feeling very uncomfortable if they have to go to a meeting, or just be in their office with their colleagues. If you have some baby powder with you, though, you could solve the problem.

Just the way baby powder absorbs oils from your hair, it will absorb oily stains from your clothes. The only thing you have to do is to apply it on both sides of your piece of clothing where the stain it and wait. Within an hour the stain will be gone, or it will surely be much smaller and plainer.

#5 Freshen up your leather clothes

Another great use of baby powder is that it cannot only absorb oils, but it can also give a fresh and new look to one’s leather clothes, if you have a leather jacket, or some other leather clothes and shoes, you can polish them with some baby powder. Apply the powder on the clothes and polish them either with a towel, or some microfiber one.

#6 Improve your waxing technique

All women who have tried waxing know that it could be very painful, sometimes even too painful. But since we want to be pretty and hair-free depilation is necessary. Still we can make waxing less painful. The only thing you should do is apply some baby powder on the area of your body you are going to wax. This way the waxing paste will not stick that much to your skin and as a result the whole process will be less painful.

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