7 Accessories Every Working Woman Should Have

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If you want to be a successful business woman you should keep some accessories close to you and other – closer. If you ask Joey from “Friends”, he will recommend you to carry a sandwich in your purse in case you run into a guy like him in a desperate need of food. Well, not that we do not agree with Joey, but there are some things we consider a bit more important than food, especially when it comes to our jobs.

When we graduate college and we finally have to start doing something that provides money, we should try to be more professional. And this involves looking more professional. When you are at work, forget about the cute T-shirts that your friends gave you as presents with kittens or funny inscriptions. Try wearing a suit with a classic black handbag. You can find a lot of other different suitable outfits as well, but when it comes to the accessories, you may forget something important that you will later need. So, here are our top suggestions for accessories every working woman should have.

  1. Watch

Wearing a classical white watch will not make you just look professional and up to date, it will also mean that you are a reliable person who does not like to be late. Classical watches are always in fashion, if you have a white watch in the offing, do not forget to take it before work. A watch on your hand will also make you stop looking at your phone just to know what time is.

  1. Notebook

Every business woman should have a notebook in her purse. Somebody may call you and you have to write down something urgent which you should not forget, do not think that you can rely on paper napkins every time. And maybe you should also have a pen in your bag.

  1. Nail polish

Working girls should always have a perfect manicure, do not think if it is not on your face, people won’t notice it. If you keep a bottle of nail polish in your purse you can apply some of the nails where the nail polish has peeled off.

  1. Handbag

As I already mentioned, handbags are a must in both working and fashion worlds. If you stick to the black leather bags in the shape of a rectangular, you will look quite impressive and professional.

  1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are great accessories even for winter. They may hide some flaws you have around your eyes and they are always in fashion. Just think of the millions of people posting their pictures in the social networks wearing sunglasses, they wouldn’t have done it, if they did not look good.

  1. Traveling mug

This is one of the most useful accessories in the list. When you go to work, sometimes you have some much work to do that there is not even time for a cup of coffee. Just be ready, make coffee at home and bring it to work in your new traveling mug.

  1. High heels

Every business woman should have at least one pair of high heels. Except from attractive, they make women look more professional and, of course, taller. You could be at the same height with your boss, and you better show him/her who is the boss actually.

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