7 Fashion Mistakes You Should Never Make

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Believe it or not, but summer is the season when most fashion mistakes are made. This is mainly because in the winter everything is hidden under a thick coat, while in the summer a lot of clothes and skin are shown, and sometimes too much of everything. Today we have decided to show you some of the top fashion mistakes people from both genders make and to warn you that you should avoid them at any cost.

#1 Bras showing through tops

The less fabric a piece of clothing has, the more likely it is that it can reveal a part of a bra. This is a lot of women’s problem in the summer – they cannot always find clothes that can hide all of their bras, including straps. We have to admit it that it it very unpleasant seeing a woman with her bra straps showing.

Usually they are even different color from the one of their top which makes it even less pretty. It is not an easy task to choose a top that can cover all of your bra, but you can think of alternative bra models, like strapless ones.

#2 Fruit headpieces

I personally am a fan of headpieces and hair jewelries. They are exotic and can really make an outfit look different and more beautiful. However, there are some headpieces which one should never wear unless they are not part of a movie crew, or some artistic exhibition. In other words, fruits headpieces may be cute and interesting, but they are not the best type of accessory for the urban life.

#3 Super short shorts

We all know that often the heat in the summer is unbearable and people tend to wear less and less clothes in order to cool their bodies a little. However, this does not mean that people should walk around naked. There are, for example, a lot of girls who wear shorts so short that their butt cheeks are exposed to the people’s looks around them. Remember that showing your intimate parts is not classy and you should never do it no matter how hot you are. And yes, pun was intended.

#4 Stripper sandals

High heels are great, but not every type is suitable for walking around with, not to mention going to work wearing them. There are a lot of women who keep wearing high heel sandals that are typical for strip clubs. Surely, they are tall and some may be sexy, but they definitely are not classy. And if you do not want to make a fool of yourself and people to keep staring at your shoes and to think that you work in a strip club, then it is best to forget about this type of shoes.

#5 Jeans

Jeans are great. They are one of the top fashion items which every woman should have in her wardrobe. However, they are not the best choice for the summer just because they make one feel even warmer. If you want to sweat more, sure, you could wear them, but it is best to leave the jeans for every other season of the year apart from the summer.

#6 Socks and sandals

This is a popular fashion trend mostly among men and I really hope there are no women who wear white socks under their sandals. Fist of all, this fashion “trend” is not practical, because the only thing that is going to happen to one’s feet when wearing thick white socks in the summer is to boil. And secondly, this is definitely not pretty. I will be left wondering why are still so many people following it.

#7 Showing thongs

Luckily, the fashion trend from the 1990s is already dead and gone, or at least it is supposed to be. It is never a good idea to wear an outfit that will reveal your underwear. Women wear thongs often, especially in the summer, not only because of aesthetic reasons (they are in a way hidden), but also because one should wear less fabric in the summer heats.

And if you are one of the girls who like wearing thongs, you should be careful not to expose them to the people behind you. You may wear longer tops, or high-waist jeans for the purpose. The important thing is to hide your underwear. It is not neither classy, nor sexy to make people behind you stare at it. So, have it in mind.

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