7 Must-haves for Fall 2016

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The beginning of every season is a reason to celebrate the beauty of life and nature. It is normal that a person could have a favorite season. There are a lot of people, for example, who love the fall with all its colors, while others find it depressing because of the end of the summerbut this does not mean that they cannot enjoy the beauty of the season.

In fact, they can use it as an inspiration for their wardrobe change. Today we have decided to share with you some ofthis fall’s top fashion trends.Enjoy them and do not forget that you should use fashion to express yourself and have fun with it.

#1 Turtleneck under the dress

If you are one of the people who want to wear their summer dresses not only in the summer, but throughout the year, then you probably going to like the first of the trends we listed for you. You can still wear your summer dresses but with a turtleneck under it. This is a very practical trend because you will not have to buy any new clothes, except maybe for the turtlenecks if you do not have any, and you will be warm in the cool fall days. It is definitely worth the try.

#2 Pant suits

We are in love with the lady-like trends, like the ones with skirts and dresses, but this season you could try with something else, another trend which is very comfortable – a pant suit. It is already one of the hot fall pieces. Pant suits are perfect for work because they make you look very professional and business-oriented. And they are also very comfortable. This season you can wear one-color suits, or suits in different patterns, like stripes.

#3 Choker necklaces

And here comes the first one of the trendy fall pieces – choker necklaces. It seemed that fashion has put aside this type of jewelry over the last couple of years, but now they are back. You can wear different pieces of choker, for example, made of fabric, or silver. You can even experiment with a choker necklace with stones, it is up to you. Choker necklaces are very elegant and this makes them perfect for more special occasions.

#4 Bags with big straps

And since we have already started talking about jewelries and accessories, here comes the next fall must-have which is a bag. If you have walked around the streets in the summer with a bag with thin handles, now it is time for change. This season is all about the bag with big straps which kind of remind of a guitar strap.

These kinds of straps are a better match to the coats women wear in the fall and the winter, and not only this, but because of their bigger size they cannot break that easily. It is definitely a good choice if you wear such a bag this season.

#5 Autumn flowers

We are used to wearing flower patterns in the summer and in the spring especially and the idea of wearing flower patterns in the fall would be somewhat strange to certain people. That is why a good choice for a patter this season is precisely the flower pattern. Of course, there is a little twist to the trend to differentiate it from the spring flower trends and this is the color and type of the flowers.

This season the flower patterns in darker colors will be in fashion. For example, a very good choice for a dress would be red roses on black background. Or you could try with different kinds of flowers, but the important thing is that the colors are not too bright, especially the background. Stick to dark colors, like black, dark brown and dark blue.

#6 50 shades of nude

This trend will probably come as no surprise to a lot of ladies, since the fall is popular with its brown and orange hues which are used as an inspiration for a lot of trends. One of the trends this season is again connected to the typical brown and nude hues for the fall. The good news is that you can wear whichever hue of brown you wish and you can wear whatever type of clothing you prefer: skirts, pants, dresses, coats, etc. You definitely have more than 50 choices here, so use them wisely.

#7 Pink & Yellow

Last, but not least, is an interesting colorful combination. If you want to add some color to your gloomy fall days without being too over-the-top, then you could try with this fall’s hot color combination – yellow and pink. You could wear these colors the way you want and you could even combine this trend with one of the previous ones. For example, you could wear a pink summer dress with a yellow turtleneck, or a yellow pant suit with a dusty pink coat.

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