7 Overnight Beauty Products That Will Make You Look Flawless in The Morning

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At night when your body and mind needs to rest, there is one part of your body (OK, more than one) that does not stop working and regenerating itself. I am talking about our skin. Stress, lack of sleep and a lot of work exhaust our bodies and mind and make us look older than we actually are. The best time of the day when we should take care of our bodies is at night. Here is a list of seven beauty products you should apply before sleep so that in the morning you look flawless.

  1. Extra thick night cream

Night creams are heavier than day ones because they have more time to absorb and should moisturize the skin even more. So, you can apply the heaviest night cream, you know about before you go to sleep, but just try not to fall asleep right away because your pillow may get some cream also.

  1. Eye treatment

According to me, eyes are that part of our body that we should worry the most. Sometimes, even you feel relaxed and had enough sleep during the night you still have dark circles under your eyes. Other people wake up blurry-eyed. You can try some night recovery cream.

  1. Hair treatment

Do not think that only night creams will help you. There are so many other kinds of products. You care about your skin during the night, why do not you take care of your hair as well? You can apply some moisturizing formula in the tips of your hair. Overnight treatment is especially helpful to chemically treated hair.

  1. Intensive foot and hand cream

We have a lot of things to do during the days that we sometimes forget to take care of our hands and feet. These parts of our bodies need a lot of care both in winter and summer. The best time you can take care of them is overnight. Just apply a thick layer of intensive foot and hand cream and let it works its magic.

  1. Nighttime lip balm

Do not forget about your lips. As much as your hands and feet need it, lips should always be well moisturized. You do not need a special lip balm, just apply a thick layer of the one you already have and sleep on it.

  1. Overnight facial mask

You may feel very uncomfortable during the night wearing a facial mask but remember it is for your own good. You can choose one from the drug store, or if you like you can make one yourself using a number of natural ingredients you can find in your kitchen.

  1. Overnight body oil

Last but not least, do not forget to apply body oil. You probably are used to applying it after a shower but before you go asleep you should also apply a layer of body oil so that in the morning your skin feel like “a baby’s bottom”.

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