7 Steps to Have a Perfect Pedicure

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Summer has almost come and women start putting their sandals on. And this means that if we want to make a good impression, we need to have a perfect pedicure. A lot of women find it too much time-consuming and that is why they avoid taking special care of their toe nails.

However, having perfect pedicure is not that difficult as you can imagine. In fact, if you follow some simple rules, you will see that you can have the best from both worlds. Here are our 7 steps to having perfect manicure. Try them out!

Step 1 Wash your feet

The preparation is just as important as the execution, which means that you have to prepare your feet for the manicure, before you start doing it. The first thing you need to do is to wash your feet. This way you will wash any bacteria which may cause infections. And your feet will be softer after the wash-up.

Another reason why it is better to do your pedicure with clean feet is just the unpleasant feeling that you have when touching feet that are dirty, or at least not washed. You can be sure that it is not very pleasant. After all, good hygiene is the first step to satisfaction.

Step 2 Soak your feet in warm water

Once you have washed your feet, you need to soak your feet in warm water to remove any dead skin cells and to make your skin softer, as well as your toe nails. The only thing you need to do is to pour some hot water in a plastic tub and to add some liquid soap. If you want, you can add some essential oil for extra pleasure and nice smell.

Mix them all well and then put your feet in the tub for about 10 minutes. If you find the water too hot, you can add warm water. The important thing is you to feel relaxed. Some people recommend adding a couple of tea bags into the water instead of the essential oils for extra relaxation and nice smell.

Step 3 Turn taking care of your feet into a habit

If you want to have pretty pedicure, you should never forget that your feet need caring. When you are having a shower, for example, do not forget to use pumice stone on your feet to remove the dead skin cells and to exfoliate the skin. Treat your feet with pumice stone a couple of times a week. It would be more than enough to keep your foot skin fresh. If you have calluses on your feet because of some uncomfortable shoes, do not be aggressive when trying to remove them, because you can irritate the skin even more and this could take even longer time to cure.

Step 4 Avoid curving your nails when you cut them

We are so used to following the natural curve of our nails when cutting them that it is almost impossible not to cut them this way. However, if you want to have strong and healthy toe nails, it is better to cut them straight and not with a curve. If you cut the tips of the nails, you risk having ingrown nails after that. And not only this, but cutting the edges of your toe nails makes them a perfect spot for bacteria and fungi.

Step 5 Use a towel

When you begin forming your pedicure, you should first use a towel to clean the toe nails. It should be absolutely clean when you start, which means that there should not be any cream or lotion under the nails too. If you had some nail polish before that, make sure you remove all of it before you start filing your toe nails. Another important thing is to use toe separators. This way you will find it easier and more comfortable while working.

Step 6 Do not forget to polish

It is very important to polish your nails every time you do your pedicure. The base is very important no matter whether you do your manicure or pedicure. It is the first of the products your toenails have contact with when you start doing your pedicure, so you need to make sure the base is good and it will nourish the nails and not dry them.

Step 7 Just relax

You cannot have perfect pedicure if you are tensed. Doing your nails and your toenails should be a fun and pleasant task and not some kind of obligation. If you are not in the mood of doing your nails, just do something else before that. Go to the park for a run, or play some nice piece of music to get in the mood. After all, this is a beautifying process and it should be pleasant. So, relax and just enjoy it!

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