7 Winter Fashion Trends to Try out This Year

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One of the things I love about fashion is that every person could find fashionable items which can match their own personal style. Every fashion season offers people different trends which they can try. A person could choose only some which they prefer, or he or she can try all of them if they want to.

If you like following the latest fashion trends, then you will like to know which the winter fashion trends for this year are. It is the peak of the season and the weather is cold, so it is about time to have a look at this year’s winter trends. Here is a list of some of the current fashion trends!

#1 Red

Red is a specific color. You may love it, or you may hate it but it will surely continue being a part of fashion. It is a symbol of passion and lust, and it is sometimes considered an aggressive color.

Winter is the perfect season to wear red, maybe to heat up the situation. Any person can look good in red, the important thing is to find the right hue which will match a person’s complexion. So, if you like red, do not hesitate to wear it this season.

#2 Oversized turtlenecks

The next trend that you can try out this winter is one which will match any shapes, sizes, and complexions – oversized turtlenecks. There are a lot of people who do not want to wear knitwear because they think such kinds of clothes are not fashionable, or make people look fat, or any other prejudices.

Well, this season oversized turtlenecks are one of the top fashion trends, so you should not worry about not looking fashionable. Another benefit of these clothes is that it will keep you warm during the season. You can wear under the oversized turtleneck to keep yourself even warmer.

#3 Vintage faux fur

Fur, of course faux fur, is a typical winter fabric because it keeps warmer than some other fabrics and it also visually looks thicker on a person, which is another reason why it suits winter conditions better. This season faux fur clothes are inspired by the past and that is why the style is more of a vintage one.

You can wear long faux fur coats, like the ones people used to wear years, even centuries ago. If you are not into such kinds of clothes, you can wear faux fur as a vest, or as some kind of an accessory. It will keep you warm and it will match the climatic conditions.

#4 Sparkly tights

The next fashion trend in our list is focused on all party girls. Of course, people need to dress up warmly in the winter, but this does not mean that they should not add some sparkle as well.

On a night out you can put on some sparkly tights under your shorts, or your skirt, and this way to turn some not so special outfit into a special one. Besides, sparkly tights are not very expensive, so they will not have a big effect on your bank account.

#5 Slouchy boots and party slouchy boots

And since we have started mentioning items suitable for a night out, here is the next such one – party boots. Instead of the sparkly tights you can wear party boots which are also sparkly. Think of Kendal Jenner who wore such kind of boots on her birthday and how glamorous she looked. You can do the same.

And since people need to wear everyday kind of boots apart from the sparkly ones, a person could wear slouchy boots this season. They are one of the top trends at the moment. The good thing about them is that you can wear them with any kind of outfit, with jeans, or skirts, or maybe with some sparkly tights.

#6 Grey check print

And since we have not talked much about prints, here is the one which is considered to be the print of the season – grey checked. It is rather a conservative one which evokes associations with business environments which means that it is definitely suitable for a day in the office.

You could wear blazers and coats in such print, but also skirts, or even trousers. If you match them with something less formal, you will have the perfect mixture of formal and casual.

#7 Wide-leg pants

The last trend in our list is all about a specific type of pants which are in fashion at the moment –wide-leg pants. They are also inspired by some past trends, especially the trends in the 1970s, and look quite vintage. They are also comfortable and are perfect for a day in the office since they look rather formal and even sophisticated.

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