A beginner’s Guide to Parenting

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One of the most difficult job in the world is probably to be a parent. We can start by saying that there are no perfect parents simply because everybody makes mistakes. The important thing is to try to make sure they are as few as possible. Today we have prepared for you some tips, or a beginner’s guide to parenting as we have also called it, to help this experience much more pleasant for you and to show you that some of the problems parents worry the most have simple solutions. So, check them out and let’s hope these tips will help you.

#1 It is OK to cry

Sometimes it does not matter if a person has just had their first baby, or their third one has been just born, bringing up a child is always difficult no matter that you have experience or not. That is why you should not worry if you are scared, worried, or simply cannot stop crying. This is a huge change in your life and let’s just not mention the post-parental period and how emotional it could be for a lot of mommies. That is why you should not be afraid of your emotions. It is OK to cry and remember that it is good to share your feelings and thoughts with your family, or even with a shrink.

#2 The Internet is not always your friend

There are a lot of people who have some health problem and they search for other people’s opinions in the Internet. And a lot of parents do the same when it comes to their babies. However, this does not mean that all the things written in the Internet are true. A person may think they have the same problem as another person and to be left with some wrong assumptions and even to become even more anxious. That is why you must not always trust the Internet and what it is written there.

#3 Observe your baby’s sleeping position

Babies are so young and innocent and they hardly have any idea about the world around them. Many parents believe that their babies’ eating and sleeping habits can change on their own quickly, but this is not entirely true especially if we talk about its sleeping position. Do not think that your baby senses which position is the right one for them.

You need to observe it and when you see that it sleeps on its belly, or if you usually leave it on its belly, stop doing it immediately. The best sleeping position for a baby is on its back. This is because this position is of a less threat to the baby. The other two positions, on its belly and on the side, possess a greater risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

#4 Do not overdress your baby

Remember that your baby should not be overdressed especially when the temperatures are normal. If, for example, you put your baby to sleep with a lot of clothes on and you cover it with a lot of blankets, and you turn on the heater at a high temperature, your baby will feel way too warm. Parents want to make sure their babies are warm, but this does not mean that they should be boiling. Always check the baby’s nose and hands if you are afraid that it is too cold and if they are really cold you can add another blanket on. If your baby’s hands are warm, then it simply does not need more clothes and blankets on.

And another thing that will help you check if the baby’s temperature is OK is simply to compare it to the way you feel. Do you think that your baby should be overdressed and you can walk around with a t-shirt on? Do not try to be overprotective because this does not always help and could even lead to a bigger problem.

#5 Remove all unnecessary items from the baby’s cot

If you want to make sure that your baby will be safe during its sleep, then make sure the cot is safe and there are no extra items that may fall on the baby’s head and cover it. That is why extra pillows and toys should not be placed inside the baby’s cot. Also make sure the blankets and sheets you cover your baby with cannot accidentally cover its head during the night when you sleep as well and do not have the chance to protect it.

You also need to make sure that the cot is safe enough for a baby and there will be no chance for it to get stuck between the bars. Position the baby in the center of the cot for a maximum security.

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