A Christmas Reminder – Decorate Your Home

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You will say that it’s too early to talk about Christmas and decorations, but I prefer to remind you now, when the stores are still free of Christmasy crowds and you will be able to shop calmly and in quiet, peaceful atmosphere. Although, the Christmas rush is one of the most desirable and euphoric experiences, but you will encounter this situation for sure, when you find out that there is a friend that you’ve forgotten to buy a present or a card. So, be wise and do the shopping now, when there is a plenty of time to choose. Also, the stores are well stocked and you won’t miss anything.

You should decorate however you want, but there are some places in your home that must be decorated or at least touched by the Christmas trends – put on some glitter or a ribbon, but the decoration is an essential part of the Holidays. Pay attention to it.

The door. It’s the place where you enter and where you leave your home. It has to be cozy when you come home and it has to remind you that even in a hard, difficult day you have a home to return into. Put on a Christmas wreath, some lights, ribbons, pine twigs and whatever you want. Pay attention to the door.

The staircase. If you have one, of course. The staircase is a great place for decoration. You can decorate only the staircase and the whole house will shine in jovial mood. Wrap the handrail with garlands, ribbons and Christmas ornaments and toys.

The chandeliers. A love them decorated. Put on hanging toys wherever they can hang. And what is more appropriate than the chandeliers. The most decorated chandelier in your home should be the one that is above the kitchen table. That’s the place where the whole family gathers, or where your guests will be at dinner. What is more Merry and Bright than a nice decorated chandelier.

The windows. Spritz some shapes with fake snow, or just put on white and red drapes. The lights are a must-have item for the windows. While you watch the snow, you’ll enjoy the nice work that you’ve done with the window decoration.

Accessories. Make (or buy) small holiday items and put them all over the place. Tiny holiday trees, some cones, Christmas toys, pine twigs and so on. The details are important for the whole picture.

Cookies. Make regularly the traditional Christmas cookies. If it doesn’t smell like Christmas, the whole decoration is a waste of time. The package must be full – the view, the smell and

… The Christmas songs. The Holiday sounds, bells ringing, peaceful voices singing jolly songs. The charmony is achieved.

Mistletoe. I won’t even explain! Must-Have item!

The candles. Let the place be bright and warm by the warm light of dozens of candles. But be careful with them, make sure that your fire alarm is up to date.


After these reminders I can’t wait to go home and light a few candles, play on some Christmas song and dream for the end of the month, when I’ll decorate my home.


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