A Funky Nail Art

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Nail art is something we love. There are endless possibilities and this is what makes it exciting. Every time we think we have done it all or if not done seen it, something new comes up in such a way that we are amazed once again and the enjoyment begins.

The good thing with nail art is that there is a trend and thing for everyone. There are the nudes, the neons, the acrylic nails, the nails with drawings on them, the variations of french and much more!

Now I will give you an idea which I guess falls into the over the top group. But that is what I like about them and actually this is my favorite group.

You will need a very shimmery silver nail polish, which can actually have pigments and stuff in it. Then you need a light green and red and some white. Add to that a few small normal band aids.

  • Start by applying a base.

  • Now apply two coats of the silver nail polish. Wait for it to fully dry!

  • Here is where the band aid comes in handy. Stick it on the nail, somewhere around the middle. Just as shown on the second picture.

  • Grab the red nail polish. Apply it on one side of your nail from the band aid to the end of the nail. Cover about 1/3 of the nail. Two coats!

  • Wait for the red to dry. Remove the band aid if is doesn’t cover the whole nail in the same time and move it to the other side. If it does just move to the next step.

  • Apply two coats of the green nail polish to the other part of the nail. Wait for that one to dry too and remove the band aid.

  • Finish of with the white nail polish. You will need a drawing brush here. Just draw what you see on the last picture – the green and red should both look like presents! Put a bow on the green a few lines on them both and you are done!

A Funky Nail Art

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