A Travel Guide to Costa Rica

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There are probably hardly any people who have not heard of Costa Rica. It is one of the most famous Caribbean countries. It is very exotic and surely worth visiting. Surprisingly enough, people decide to visit such warm countries during the summer when it is hot in the northern hemisphere as well. But why do not you visit in during the winter? This way you can go to the beach and have some great suntan coming back home.

But no matter when you decide to visit Costa Rica, there are definite things you need to know before you go there so your stay at this beautiful country is absolutely unforgettable. Today we have prepared a short Costa Rica travel guide for you. Here are some important things you need to know about the country.

#1 Essentials – money, health, and passport


One of the first things you need to do before you go to Costa Rica is find out whether you need some special vaccines taken since the climate is different and there are other bacteria and microorganisms living there which can be bad for your body. This goes for any country. Before you visit Costa Rica, you need to have 2 shots – against typhoid and malaria. It is highly recommended.


As for the money that you will need, you can definitely change some Costa Rican colons to have with you before you arrive. But if you cannot find a lot of this currency, you can bring with you some American dollars. There will be places where you can change them and besides, there could be some places where they will even accept dollars to pay with.

Passport or visa?

Usually tourists can travel to Costa Rica only with a passport without visa. This way traveling becomes much easier, however, there are some countries which still require a visa to enter Costa Rica. It would be best to check if yours is one of them. This way you will not have any problems entering it.

#2 Best time to go

If you ask me, any time you decide to visit Costa Rica would be the best time to do it. Still sometimes it is best to consider the time of the year and thus the weather. Actually, the current time is a great one to visit the country.

The weather from November to April is very warm and perfect for a journey there. And from December to the beginning of February is actually the best-est because the weather is dry and everything is green, just like in paradise.

#3 Food to try

This beautiful country has a lot to offer to its visitors, especially its delicious and exotic cuisine. There are different specialties you need to try there for sure, including fried plantain, which is actually some fried green bananas. They are often used as vegetable at this stage of their growing.

You also need to try some local tamales. As you know, tamales are a very popular Central American dish, but there are different varieties, like the Costa Rican ones. And if you like coffee, then you definitely need to try some local coffee which is one of the finest in the world, together as some North Latin American countries.

#4 Tipping

Tipping is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Some countries even include the service in the bill. When it comes to Costa Rica, tipping is still not a must, meaning it is not included in the bill. Although some fine restaurants have already started using this practice.

Bartenders and wait staff usually do not include the tip in the bill and you can leave as much as you want. When it comes to the taxis in Costa Rica, you need to know that they usually round up the bill, but this is a common practice in a lot of countries both in the Americas and in Europe.

And since we have mentioned taxies, apart from the rounding up you also need to use only official taxis. They have meters and will hardly lie to you about the price. There are some illegal taxis which overcharge passengers and you definitely need to avoid them.

#5 Manners

Table manners are no different in Costa Rica – you need to hold the knife with your right hand and the fork with your left without switching, you also need to keep your hands above the table at all times, and once you are finished, you need to leave your utensils across the right side of the plate.

When it comes to punctuality you should not stress yourself too much about it. Costa Ricans will not get mad at you even if you are up to half an hour late, but this also means that you can expect the same, so stay chill.

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