Adorable Decoration For Your Nails

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When the weather is rainy and the mood is grumpy, you should brighten the things up with a joyful nail art, just like the one in the following tutorial. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one if you want to feel amazing again:

  • Prepare the nails for the decoration first. You can do it with cuticle oil, which will soften the dry cuticles and the dead skin, and then remove it with a hand scrub and orange stick.

  • Then, clean the nails from some old nail polish and file them into an oval shape. This shape will play the role of the perfect canvas for the decoration.

  • Apply a transparent base coat on the nails, because you will have to apply dark colors, which, as we all know, are very harmful for the nails, because they can create a yellowish texture o the nail bed.

  • Once the base coat is dry, you should stick decorating circles at the moon areas. This will help you to create the proper shape of the head of the owl.

  • The first layer of the decoration must be dark – gray, brown or blue.

  • Then draw the eyes with yellow and black. You can use a dotting tool, it will be much easier than the drawing brush.

  • Draw the belly of the owl with ligther shade of the same color.

  • Continue with the neb and some belly dots.

  • Once the decoration is all dry, you should lock it with a thick layer of top coat. In order to save the owls last longer, you should reapply the top coat every two days.

Done! Enjoy this adorable decoration, just don’t hide the child inside of you, let it spread wings and lose its imagination. Decorations like this nail art can express your kind and childish part of character. Enjoy it!

adorable nail art

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