Adorable & Easy Low Bun

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The easiest way to tame your hair is to tie it into a ponytail. But there is one more design that can work as great as the ponytail – the bun. Today I will show you an easy bun, that is decorated into beautiful knot. Take a look at the tutorial and see how to do it:

  1. Brush the hair to the back, merge the part at the top of the head. Divide the hair in two equal parts – left and right.

  2. Take the parts with two hands and hold them close to each other.

  3. The the parts into a knot.

  4. Make another knot.

  5. Tie the parts of the hair under the knots into a ponytal with thin, transparent hair band.

  6. Tuck in the tail under the knots. Secure it from falling down with bobby pins, covered in hair spray to secure better grip.

All done! Enjoy this simple and beautiful hair effect!

Some girls don’t like the simple designs, because they think that these simple designs look too ordinary and boring, but I have quite different opinion. The simple designs are very elegant, time and money saving and they don’t require any high-level skills for doing hairstyles. In fact, this opinion applies for many other types of designs – manicure, makeup, outfit choices and even indoor decorations. You can see in the picture that this hairstyle is a little bit messy and it is not appropriate for a formal even, but if you have some more time to spend, you can make it fancy for sure. For instance, you can make a sleek effect of the hair, wrapping the head tightly, or you can make a volume effect by teasing to roots of the crown area. You can apply smoothing mousse or you can straighten the hair with a flat iron, whatever you choose, it will look great because it is a simple hairstyle. In fact, there is another great benefit – you can put a glamorous hair accessory, simply because the ordinary design of the hairstyle can handle it. Enjoy!

knotted bun

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